No apparent reason for boot failure

  phoenix_one 17:44 28 Sep 2003

I have recently had so many problems with my PC,

I have twice reinstalled evrything on the PC just this wkend.

The current problem that i will probably have to solve by reformatting the hard drive again is:

The PC works fine and dandy all day, then i reboot and I get the blue screen of death that I cannot read. There is obviously an error message but there is no time to read it.

I have left it rebooting for 1 hr and no sign of improvemnet, I have tried to load using last good configuration, that fails, I have tried safe mode, that reboots it during loading.

How can i see this error message,

I can't tell u what software caused the problem beacuse since 1pm today (GMT) I have been installing drivers and games to put my PC bak to how i like it, Just all the software is compatible with the PC, all the drivers are correct versions.

The attempted list for what could have failed the PC and what I recently installed on it are:

MSN messnegr 6
Battlefield 1942
Media PLayer 9
Creative Soundblaster Live Drivers

I dint get time to do the Nvidia drivers and the BF patches and mods were next to install.

Have I really got to reinsatll it All agian for the 3rd time this weekend and fifth time this month.

Argh cruel life why why why Man i'll use Linux soon damn microsoft bugs.

Ta for the help thats bound to come from u knowledgeble ppl out there,


  powerless 17:51 28 Sep 2003

I would format and reinstall again.

To see the message, start, control panel, system, advanced, settings (third one) remove tick from "Automatically restart" you'll know see the BSOD.

When you reinstall, add only the essentials, no games nothing like that. It should find out which software is cauing the problem.

It might not be software it could be hardware. Is your hardware XP compatiable?

  phoenix_one 17:59 28 Sep 2003

Yes my PC life is like this:

Bought PC in 2000 OS-ME

Upgraded PC beginning of 2003
-new graphics card
-total of 512 +128mb SDRAM

May 2003
-Bought XP Pro Full
-Completly Reformated HDD removing ME and installing XP Pro

September 2003
-Virus Trouble Blaster Doh
-Reinstalled evrything again

This Weekend
-More software Problems PC not booting, No internet, Files no not working no apparnet reasons

- Stuff still failing WTF
-Bare the teeth reinstall everything again

PC works fine from insatll at 1pm at 5:20 having insatlled drivers PC fails to boot in all conditions see above.

WTF is doing this to me, I know I need a new PC sometime but I'd like to last till Easter and get myself a nice cheap Opteron then, NOT NOW, damn tired and modded PC, dont die yet!


  powerless 18:07 28 Sep 2003

Answer the questions.

Is your hardware XP compatiable?

If you install one piece of sottware at one time then it will find the software that is causing the probelm. (if its software)

What hard drive do you have?

  phoenix_one 18:15 28 Sep 2003

I would believe the hardware to be Xp compatible because it worked fine between May and September,

I have 2 hard drives

60Gb Seagate 7200rpm XP compatible
30Gb Maxtor 5400rpm 3yrs old, dunno if its XP compatible but XP isnt installed on it so this cant stop the PC booting can it..?

  phoenix_one 18:20 28 Sep 2003

I am installing only a few bits of software at a time, what are you saying,

I have put hardly anything on the PC,

1 Game BF1942

MSN messnger 6

Zonealarm This can hardly affect the PC

Creative Soundblaster Drivers

Direct X 9.0b


No applications have been installed, no firmware updated, nothing, that is why I dont see what has caused the problem.

IS there anyway to pause the error screen so i can read the message. Thankyou i know how to do this in windows but the PC doesnt boot so that is not any help.

  phoenix_one 18:22 28 Sep 2003

"When you reinstall, add only the essentials, no games nothing like that. It should find out which software is cauing the problem"

The game is the last thing that I installed. I did it because I belived the PC was working and It was time to test It's performance

  Bodi 18:28 28 Sep 2003

I would tend to agree with Powerless. I know it's a bind, but if you reinstall everything bit by bit you will eventually find out what is causing your problem.

Create a Restore point between each driver installed - providing everything is OK. This will help avoid having to another reinstall if things go wrong.

1) Start with your motherboard drivers. (Try and install all updates if you saved them)

2) Graphics card drivers next - again use the latest versions.

3) Next install Sound Card drivers

4) Modem drivers last.

Reboot between each installation and don't forget the Restore Point.

If you do the same thing for your program files - creating a Restore Point - you can always go back to the last problem free boot.

Hope this helps.


  Bodi 18:30 28 Sep 2003

What Creative card are you using and what drivers? If you have a choice of installing DOS drivers - don't! They can create havoc.


  phoenix_one 20:52 28 Sep 2003

Creative Soundblaster Live 4.1

I used the normal drivers off the creative website.

I would agree with you on all the above except I add above all drivers zonealarm and avg to secure my PC first.

I have never installed motherboard drivers evr for my PC. Maybe I should. Have never installed drivers for motherboard, monitor, optical drives, hard drives really should i?

I always do the sound and video drivers though.

The other problem is how to create a restore point after installing the drivers because they always want me to reboot having installed them.

  woodchip 21:02 28 Sep 2003

AS Powerless in is first Post. Plus get Drive Image and keep making a backup as you load the software, but give the computer time to show faults as you load software. I have just done this to get rid of a fault on my comp. Plus I did not load all the stuff that I had on before and it runs faster

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