No Adware Scan Results

  osben 13:27 13 Jul 2004


I have just run NoAdware on my computer and it threw up a report saying that it had found the file - System32\dllcache\svfile

It said that it was "serious"

What is this file and should I delete it.

I have my doubt.


  SEASHANTY 15:47 13 Jul 2004

The programme you should be running is Ad-aware - download the FREE version from this website
click here
Also download and install Spybot Dearch & Destroy also a free download from this website
click here
and also download, install and run Spywareblaster v3.2 from here
click here
That should keep your PC clear. Leave the file No Adware found until you have run the other programmes.

  osben 16:25 13 Jul 2004

Thanks for your reply.

I have the programmes you suggest and the file in question did not show up on them. That's why I said "I had my doubts"

Do you know what the file is??


  Gaz 25 16:45 13 Jul 2004

No Adware I 'think' is a rouge application - I wouldnt delete the file.

  Gaz 25 16:49 13 Jul 2004

click here

Name: NoAdware

Main websites:

noadware . com
no-adware . com
noadware . net
no-adware . net
noadwarenow . com


aggressive, deceptive advertising (1, 2, 3, 4, 5); false positives work as goad to purchase; flagged by Ad-aware as "scam" (1); company has advertised with known CWS sites &; has exploited names of "spybot" and "ad-aware" (1); uses same db/defs as SpyBan, Spyware C.O.P., & SpywareKilla - (Note: other domains associated with NoAdware include:,

  Gaz 25 16:59 13 Jul 2004

And run: click here

  osben 19:08 13 Jul 2004

Thanks for your input.

I think you have confirmed my suspicions.

Will delete the programme when I get of the net.


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