No ADSL connection

  Mike Mills 22:48 18 May 2005

Hi, I have had no adsl connection now for over a week - my isp BT Yahoo are doing nothing to sort my problem out. I have tested my router on another broadband enabled line - it works (with my filter) I have terrible line noise whilst on a voice call when the router periodically attempts to connect and heres the strange bit - I can get connected to the internet when i am on a voice call but lose the connection once the voice call is terminated.

I have now resigned to connecting via a dial up modem on one machine - thus enabling me to connect via broadband on the other!!!! rathers defeats the object of paying a monthly subscription?! Has anybody any suggestions of what my line problem might be - or who I could contact to help me resolve my problem - BT and BT Yahoo just don't seem to want to know. Thanks all.......Mike

  Jak_1 00:48 19 May 2005

Firstly, have you tried a different filter as the one you are using may be faulty? The filter should separate the two signals. How long have you had an adsl conection?
What sort of cable and what is the distance from PC to socket? Have you asked BT to do a line check or turn up the gain?

  Graham ® 09:21 19 May 2005

As you have tested the router and filter on another line, we must look elsewhere. That just leaves the computer and the line.

As you have two computers, I assume you have tried swopping things around, maybe having just one connected up at a time.

That really does leave just the line. Forget turning up the gain, as Jak_1 suggests, that only affects the analogue line.

You must convince your ISP to raise a fault with BT. This sounds like an exchange fault.

  Mike Mills 13:37 19 May 2005

I have been advised by my ISP that BT wholesale have checked my line 3 times in the last week and can find no problem!! I have tried connecting my router to my telephone line (at BT master socket) with no computers turned on and still no Adsl line.

  Indigo 1 14:00 19 May 2005

Have you tried to connect while all phones are disconnected ? Sometimes a faulty phone can cause connection problems. Also you don't need microfilters(splitters) for ADSL, only for phones, disconnect all phones and microfilters and try.

  Indigo 1 14:09 19 May 2005

I should also add that in order to track it down, you should disconnect everything from the phone sockets, phones, microfilters, fax's, dial-up modems etc and only connect the ADSL modem to the master socket then try to get online.

If this solves your problem then one of the other devices or sockets are faulty, connect them one at a time to identify it.

  Graham ® 17:15 19 May 2005

Mike, those tests would have been done remotely, and don't mean much. Neither would they have cost the ISP any money. The only time they risk a financial penalty is when a fault is raised. This would get an engineer to your door with his own kit. Keep on at them.

The only other suggestion I have is to borrow a modem and try. Or you could buy one, then return it as incompatible.

  Stuartli 17:39 19 May 2005

You need a splitter to separate analogue from ADSL at the point (usually Master Socket) where you take the feed to the modem and also other devices, such as extension phones, answering machines etc.

  Graham ® 17:51 19 May 2005

Indigo 1 is right, a filter is not required for an ADSL modem.

  Indigo 1 18:37 19 May 2005

The splitter is required to separate the phone signal from the ADSL signal, you CAN use a phone without a splitter but it sounds very noisy (try it, it won't do any damage a faulty splitter will aslo make the phone noisy as will a faulty modem or fax machine on the same line, a faulty phone extension cable can aslo cause these problems. That is why I suggested removing all hardware from the phone sockets and trying one at a time.

If you still have a problem I would check the connections on the master socket making sure they are secure and not shorting out, if the problem persists it is time to call an engineer.

  cdb 20:00 19 May 2005

Are you plugging it into the main socket into the house? I had problems sorting my mums out. It turned out the extension socket (all of 6feet from the main one) was duff and I ended up fitting my old face plate to the main socket (as it still wouldn't work reliably with the splitter that BT now provide) and plugging the adsl modem straight into that.

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