No access to PCadvisor forum

  rickimalone04 18:37 02 Aug 2004

Hi i have just had to re-register with the forum as niether my sign in name rickimalone or email address were recognised by the forum and were not as listed in the database?

I have been with the forum for about 6 months and logged in about 500+ times could you please let me know if it's just me with the problem.

Regards Ricki

  rickimalone04 19:01 02 Aug 2004

Yes sorry meant email address I tried that and tried to get my password sent to me but it could'nt find it in the database and has let me create this new user rickimalone04 with the old email address?

I know that im back in now, but i'd built up such a little wealth of knowledge in view my posts that were always being refered to.

Oh well.

  rickimalone04 19:10 02 Aug 2004

Have done.

  end 19:14 02 Aug 2004

I think you can change back if you go into your personal user details; it happened to me only a few days ago .....but FE may "know different"....(probably does!!)

  shizzy 20:52 02 Aug 2004

Think it may be to do with your outburst of vile language the other day.

  rickimalone04 20:59 02 Aug 2004

can you tell when? i;ve never used bad language on this forum not one swear word can you please let me know so that I can let the FE know.

My computer is used by a few people in my house but no one that would do anything like that.

  shizzy 21:27 02 Aug 2004

It was about Thursday or Friday. Think the thread was about someones friend buying a new computer. Another poster said what he thought about your posting and it was removed by FE I expect. I was surprised by it and it did seem out of character. It had nothing to do at all with the post, just running yourself down so unlees you were out of your head on something it would make sense that someone else wrote it.

  end 21:28 02 Aug 2004

??what happened when you tried to log-in originally??

  shizzy 22:01 02 Aug 2004

Found the thread in Consumerwatch
click here
Hope it helps you find who wrote in your name.

  rickimalone04 17:26 03 Aug 2004

ive read my post in there nothing wrong with that, I cant understand, what did the other abusive thread say?

  rickimalone04 17:53 03 Aug 2004

It seems as ive someone as somehow done this and as an avid user of this site and certainly not the type of person to post such things I can only apologise to any offensive that was cause by this post in my name.

I have emailed FE for help but I cant for the life of me understand indeed how this has happened or who might have done this, I know that I check the forum from the odd internet cafe and work and friends Pc's but i'm always careful not to let the computer remember any of my sign in details.

Im not quite sure what else I can do?


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