No access to my docs

  Rick39 08:54 05 Apr 2004

This is a sudden and frustrating problem. I can no longer open up my docs, network places, my computer, windows explorer, control panel and others. Clicking on any of these starts the process of opening the window but then it simply disappears and I just see my desktop again. I can launch applications and I can see my files if I launch Word from the start menu. I cannot see any of my drives to open, copy or remove files though. If I try to logon to the internet the dial-up works as normal but as soon as IE begins to open, the application closes, I don't get any IE window and I am asked if I want to hang up my connection. With any of these failed attempts to open these folders I don't get any error messages saying the path is corrupt or anything at all; just a return to the desktop. So, any ideas on what is causing this and what thoughts about solving it. I don't want to lose my files but I can't back them up to removable hard drives because I can't see them.

  AL D. 08:59 05 Apr 2004

operating system details?

  indianajohn 17:56 05 Apr 2004

I have been experiencing the same problem today
i am running windows xp home, amd athlon 2100+
just about to post the same thread
i am at my wits end with it, can anyone help please?

  Eastender 20:35 05 Apr 2004

Presumably you have checked with an up-to-date AV.

Have you tried coping the whole folder to another location?

Can you do a dir in DOS?

May not be of much help but it does bump you up.

  ade.h 21:10 05 Apr 2004

1) Can you open Task Manager (ctrl+alt+del) or use the Run command (on Start menu) to open Services.exe? See if any critical system services have not started properly.

2) If you can't access the above, can you get any further by using Safe Mode (press F8 after your drives have been recognised at the boot screen, but before Windows splash screen) At logon the Administrator account (different from your own) will now be visible. As Safe Mode loads just the basics, it might help.

3) Eastender is right; have you done a virus check? If your Anti Virus won't appear either, run it from the CD at boot (you'll need to set your CDrom as 1st boot device in BIOS - press del after the beep)

  ade.h 21:13 05 Apr 2004


Tip 3 above works with Norton AV; not sure about other products - check your manual or tell us which AV you have. If you don't have one, a borrowed Norton CD will be fine.

  indianajohn 22:44 05 Apr 2004

Hi Eastender
cant do any you suggest have mcafee av just done full check, no unwanted progs.
Hi ade.h
opened task manager no probs i can see there, done system restore but still have the problem will try suggestion 2 but will have to shut down for the night as my head is splitting, sorry if my replies are a bit terse but i'm not very good at typing

  bananaslik 10:00 06 Apr 2004

can you print word docs ok,if not r u running norton av?

  ade.h 15:44 06 Apr 2004

No need to apologise - PCs are often the cause of headaches! Let us know if you get any further and in the mean time, I'll do a Google search and see what comes up. BFN

  indianajohn 22:28 06 Apr 2004

ade.h tried suggestion 2, been told by pc world to do full back up then put in recovery disc, i have a 60gb external hard disc to back on to but so far it's taken 10 hours(usb 2)had to cancel backup for tonight as it is getting stupid, can open all progs in safe mode but dont know what to do next to get things back to normal. cheers for trying to help.

  Rick39 10:04 08 Apr 2004

Thanks for all the discussion, I've managed to make some progress by booting up in safe mods. I should have thought of this! but was sure there was some corruption at a basic level. So, in safe mode I have complete access to all my drives, network places, IE and control panel. This will allow me to save all my necessary files and do a full backup if I have to. However, when I have got all my data secure, what next? Re-booting as normal takes me back to my original problem of no access. How can I use safe mode to identify what is causing this problem? I'm tempted to re-format and re-install windows, but then I'm none the wiser as to the cause of the problem. All my AV definitions are up-to-date and there is no virus detected.

In answer to AL D. 's question, I'm running Windows XP Pro on an Athlon 700MHz with 396Mb RAM.

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