No access to data on CD-RWs!

  Simon258 13:43 04 Jan 2005

I have a couple of CD-RW disks with important JPEG images on them. A few weeks ago, I could access the pictures with no problems. I now cannot read them on either my DVD or CDRW drives, or on my sons laptop DVD drive. In explorer, Properties implies that both disks are full, but no data is displayed. I have "display hidden files" checked. Is there something I'm missing or have I just lost the data. The original JPEGs were copied to the disks using Nero 5.

  Confab 13:57 04 Jan 2005

try isoBuster click here

or Bad Copy Pro
click here

Don't save important files to CDRW they are unreliable for long term storage

  JIM 13:58 04 Jan 2005

Check to see if the utility EasyWrite Reader Nero exe is installed on both systems so that can be ruled out.

Check also that Jpeg files are still registered/associated on the system.Reinstall the programs for CD/RW etc.What are the OS?

  ACOLYTE 13:58 04 Jan 2005

Have you done this in multisession?,if so you may need to open nero and put the cd in and select the latest session wrote to see all the files.

  Simon258 20:21 04 Jan 2005

I am running XP Pro on a Packard Bell i-Connect 1350 800MHz Celeron with a CyberDrive CW078D CD-R/RW.

I've downloaded isoBuster and Bad Copy Pro and I'll give them a try later. EasyWrite Reader Nero exe is not installed.

The JPEGs were copied onto the disk using multi-session, so I'll give all your ideas a try tomorrow, if I get the chance, and let you know how I got on.

Thanks guys and/or girls.

  Simon258 10:30 11 Jan 2005

I've now tried all of the above. No joy. One of the disks seems to be empty, although I could sware that I checked the contents after I'd burned it on. I'm afraid I've lost this data. On the other disk registers I cannot access any of the data. My system just keeps telling me that there is no disk in drive G or H or whatever! same on a PC at work and on my sons laptop. Seems I may have lost that data too! Luckily, I copied most of the jpegs (of a works trip abroad)onto a CD-R for a workmate. I'll get that off him and burn it to my own CD-R this time!

  Fjellman 10:49 11 Jan 2005

Best thing I did was forget CD-R and CD-RW. I've had your problem on several occasions and think that CD burning is grossly over-rated. My software is NTI CD Maker Deluxe and it does incorporate a retreaval mode but it wasn't easy to use. It seems to be fine if a lot of information is copied onto a CD-R in one go and that's it. I've found that if bits of information are copied at different times even closing sessions doesn't seem to stop things eventualy going pear shaped. For storing info now I use a couple of 128mb USB Flash Drives which I've found easier to use and edit and far more reliable.

  Simon258 08:20 12 Jan 2005

My son has a 128Mb flash drive, but I tend to feel that these are for temporary storage and heir price precludes using them just to store all my photos. I think I may persevere with CD-Rs, but not in multisession and I'll only use CD-RW for temporary storage from now!

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