No 80 conductor cable installed

  Nick052 23:53 08 Oct 2005


I recently put a DVD Re-writer in place of my old CD-ROM drive that died (I also have a CD-Rewriter connected to motherboard).

Everything works fine - the computer boots and the drive is working fine. However, I noticed a messgae on bootup saying "Secondary IDE channel has no 80 conductor cable installed".

All I did was replace the drives, I did not connect the new one the wrong way round or anything.

I have a pretty old computer so am just using the wires that came with it (have 2 hard drives and 2 CD/DVD drives all connected by black plugs).

Will this be affecting the performance of my new drive?


  SANTOS7 00:00 09 Oct 2005

The error message is telling you the Re-Writer will run faster than the cable is allowing it to, replacing the cable (from what is probable 40 to 80) should do it.

  Skills 00:01 09 Oct 2005

The 80pin cable is needed if you set the jumpers on the drives to cable select, otherwise this function will not work. At a guess i'd say that your new drive that you fitted has the jumper on the cable select setting if you change the jumper to either master or slave you should no longer get the message.

  SANTOS7 00:01 09 Oct 2005


  DieSse 10:07 09 Oct 2005

Yes - just change the cable - forget the jumpers/cable select thingy - that's not the problem.

However it will work just fine as is - but maybe somewhat slower than it could, as SANTOS7 said.

  Stuartli 10:42 09 Oct 2005

Cable Select requires that a motherboard is equipped to use this mode and it is unlikely that an older one, as in this case, will do so.

Otherwise a rewriter should be set/jumpered as Master and a CD/DVD-ROM drive as Slave.

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