No 5.1 sound with WMP 11 in Vista

  glittery 11:57 23 Aug 2007

I am having a problem getting my 5.1 to work with WMP 11 in Vista Home Premium.

Basically it's an on going problem which had been resolved once with the help of Dell, by re-installing Vista.

After working fine (the sound was fantastic while it lasted), the 5.1 has gone again accompanied by other problems. WMP 11 plays fine in stereo but as soon as I switch to 5.1 there is no sound, the blue track bar (on the player) pulls along very slowly and the life is being sucked out of my PC. This problem is only occurring in WMP 11, the computer sounds are working, all other players work just not WMP.

As it has happened suddenly my thoughts are that it is something to do with a recent update.

I could really do with some help for this very frustrating problem.


  Kate B 12:20 23 Aug 2007

I'd try updating the driver for your sound card with the latest offering from the manufacturer's website, not Microsoft's offering.

  glittery 12:42 23 Aug 2007

Previously when I had the problem the computer was using a Sigmatel soundcard but since re-stalling Vista the computer is using a High Definition Audio Device supplied by Microsoft. I have had the 5.1 working using this device.
(It seems that the Sigmatel soundcard, plus WMP 11 in Vista was causing a compatibility problem.)

There are no updates available for the High Definition Audio Device provided by Microsoft.

  Kate B 12:46 23 Aug 2007

Go to the website of the company that made your sound card, ie Sigmatel. Vista is reporting a generic device, which means it hasn't recognised the sound card. The manufacturer's website will (or should) have the correct drivers.

  glittery 10:11 24 Aug 2007

Thanks for your help. I have got it working okay, for now.

I'm having to use an old Microsoft driver from June 2006 to get it to work properly. New drivers do not work for some reason.

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