Nit Pickers Thread

  Pesala 17:47 16 Oct 2003

Thought I'd start this thread to point out any defects in the new layout. Not just for complaining, but to offer some useful feedback.

My first point: The Downloads link is repeated on both the top banner and under the Registered Users Area. Just on the top banner is enough.

  BarryKeith 17:59 16 Oct 2003

Have you thought of the possibility that there may be a different download area provided for registered users?

  Pesala 18:02 16 Oct 2003

Both links point to the same address.

  Pesala 18:04 16 Oct 2003

If you don't log in or are not registered you cannot access the download aread.

  VoG II 18:15 16 Oct 2003

I don't want to nit-pick - I like the new design.

However, I can't get the envelope e-mail feature to work. In IE and Opera I get a 404 error.

  Pesala 18:18 16 Oct 2003

I'm sure it will come soon. I like the new design too, but there is often some detail that gets overlooked.

  Andybear 18:18 16 Oct 2003

I don't mind the actual layout but I don't like all the grey - very dull and boring.

  krypt1c 18:18 16 Oct 2003

Ditto that VoG. Just clicked on your envelope and got a 404. I'm using Avant browser

  Legolas 18:26 16 Oct 2003

The links listed under the 'Registered users area' is in far too small a font, anyone with an eyesight problem will find it hard to make them out, I am struggling and that is with the font view at 'largest'

  R4 18:30 16 Oct 2003

Just gives error 404 'page not found'

Main page fonts on forum's etc could be a bit larger

  john-232317 18:32 16 Oct 2003

I agree on those two points.Otherwise nice.

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