NIS2003 Privacy settings conflict with this site

  OU812 22:03 03 May 2004

I use Norten Internet Security 2003 and have set up my privacy settings such that I am informed if my PC is trying to send private info such as my name, email address, bank account no and so forth.

With Privacy set to on if I try to use this site (and one or two others such as Friends Reunited) I am bombarded by warnings each time I click a topic or try to read a post that my PC is trying to send private info (my email address) to PC adviser. I am only offered the option to either permit or block. The option to 'permit each time' is not offered with respect to these warnings.

I know this is the programme doing its job but is there anyway I can set it up such that I wont get these warnings when using this site? I have looked in the programmes settings and nothing obvious is apparent to help me do so.

I use this site a lot but each time Its with a feeling of uneasiness since since I have to leave my privacy completed exposed if I want to use it in any meaningful way.

Any ideas gratefully received.

  GaT7 22:59 03 May 2004

There is one area where you MAY be able to configure this, but I'm not sure. Definitely worth a try!

Open NIS. Click on Options (at the top, next to Help) -> Internet Security. Click on the Web Content tab. Click on Add Site (bottom left corner). Enter the site(s) you want to allow & uncheck the appropriate box(es) under the Global & User Settings tabs - so they don't conflict with each other as far as possible. You'll have to carefully experiment with the settings to get it to work to your needs/satisfaction. Post back to let us know how you got on, & if successful how you did it. Good luck, G

  hugh-265156 23:11 03 May 2004

when you log into this site and many others you do so with your email address dont you?

its nothing sinister.

set it up to not warn you about sending this info and all should be well i think.

or set up a free hotmail addy etc and use that just to log into sites.use it for that purpose alone.

  OU812 00:47 07 May 2004

Thanks for your response

Huggy71, you miss my point, in order to use this site I have to disable my privacy settings (it either on or off with Norton), therefore while happilly perusing this site I would have no warning of any private information been sent by my PC elsewehere.

I don't have any worries about this site but while using it I leave my privacy wide open and that (in this age of ID deception) leaves me concerned.

CB7, I tried what you suggested but to no avail

Thanks again guys.

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