NIS student edition

  Some bloke 12:12 28 Oct 2003

Am i entitled to this?
click here

  Some bloke 12:19 28 Oct 2003

I am a student.

  Belatucadrus 12:34 28 Oct 2003

What you usually get in the student software box is an application form that you send off to the supplier with proof of your student status, they will then send the software to you. On the other hand you could spend nothing and download these.

click here avast! Anti Virus.

click here Kerio Firewall.

click here Mailwasher Anti Spam.

All good, free and quite legal for non profit home use.

  AndyJ 12:34 28 Oct 2003

Be worth checking first as it varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but generally to qualify for eductaional versions you must fit the following:

You are a student aged 5+ years at a primary, secondary or special needs school.
You are a student aged 18+ years registered full-time or part-time in any school/college/university or attending courses that award qualifications recognised by the UK Department of Education & Employment (DfEE), or the Irish Department of Education (DoE).
As a parent you have children in the above two categories, and you wish to purchase on their behalf, following the same procedures as defined for students.
As a teacher your job involves supporting IT in schools/colleges/universities, whilst being able to operate from home - expanding your own knowledge or preparing course materials.
As a member of support staff either full-time or part-time at any school/college/university recognised by the UK Department of Education & Employment (DfEE), or the Irish Department of Education (DoE).

However, if you later don't fulfil any of the above e.g. leave your job in education, then the licence(s) is/are no longer valid

  Belatucadrus 12:36 28 Oct 2003

click here may also be useful.

  smegs 12:37 28 Oct 2003

If you have proof of beening a student then I can't see a problem.

  Some bloke 13:19 28 Oct 2003

Pc world are offering this over the internet, i am acceptable as i am 13 and attend secondary school. But over the internet thaey cant check anything?

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