NIS 2006 & Outlook POP3

  Diggory 10:17 20 Mar 2006

Dear All – TVM advice during upgrade (click here)

All was fine until I tried to check my emails - Outlook POP3 no longer able to connect to mail server (worked fine NIS2004). Tried the NIS support centre - seemingly a common problem (about third on their list) but the help was not helpful. Mainly consisted of an on-line tool that told me everything was okay. Seeing as this is a common problem wondered if any of you guys have come across this and could help.



  Diggory 22:43 21 Mar 2006

Guys - have spent another couple of hours on Symantec web site + using their diagnostic tool & Still none the wiser.

Any thoughts gratefully received


  Diggory 17:38 26 Mar 2006


Thought I would share this in case someone else gets in same jam.

Persevered with Symantec diagnostic tools – but not very easy / helpful to use. "Connectivity Tester" never really completed a full test despite re-running many times; gave up in end. "Autofix Tool" was a bit more successful in that it ran diagnostic (looked like msinfo32) but then repeatedly crashed.

Symantec site said if the above not successful uninstall / reinstall – didn’t want to do this as many of the NIS horror stories are to do with this approach. No help from support request logged 7 days ago (ummmm thought it was NIS 2004 that was no longer supported !!)

Tried Autofix again and it found an error and gave me the fix-now button. Clicked the fix, then up pops a verify fix button. Clicked verify and you guessed it; cannot verify fix .... doh.

This did however give me a clue that problem was Firewall related rather than a botched installation. Looked again at settings and manually configured firewall. At last sorted and without the sledge-hammer uninstall / reinstall approach. Wonder why symantec FAQs dont point you at simple solutions first.


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