QUADDRA 23:16 07 Dec 2006

Has any one had any experience with the following-

Just installed the NINJA heat sink in Fanless mode
CPU Temp ran at 35c & case 29c before
CPU Now running at 42c & case 32c
Is this rise in temp normal? Or should I be worried?

Also what would you do? Supplied with the NINJA heat sink is a 120mm fan for optional use with the cooler.
My PC has a fairly noisy case fan.
Would / can you, replace the case fan with the NINJA supplied fan or just disconnect the case fan and install the NINJA fan on the new heat sink?

Thanks for any advice

  Belatucadrus 00:18 08 Dec 2006
  QUADDRA 13:52 08 Dec 2006

Thanks Belatucadrus,
Followed the link to PC Pro. From there review it would appear I made a good choice with the Ninja Heat Sink & Fan.

Still anyone out there have any advice on whats happening with my PC

Is a CPU temp of 42 at idle (just typing this) OK/Normal, Same question with case?
For info.
CPU Athalon 64 3000 (no mods or overclocking etc)
MB Asus K8V SE Deluxe

  QUADDRA 21:25 08 Dec 2006

Anyone with any ideas on the above?
CPU & MB Temperatures? & is it worth replacing the case fan with the NINJA supplied fan or just disconnect the case fan and install the NINJA fan on the new heat sink?

  Ashrich 23:32 08 Dec 2006

If you can actually fit a 120mm fan to the case then try it , you need to have good airflow if you are going to run the Ninja on it's own , case temps will go up because the heat from the processor isn't being dispersed by the CPU fan , and for a fanless setup 42c is good , make sure all internal cables are tidied up out of the way to allow good flow through the case .


  QUADDRA 00:00 09 Dec 2006

Thanks Ashley, so 42c is good, that’s reassuring, I was a little worried as I didn’t expect a 7c rise at idle.
Strangely the MB has dropped back to 29c and the cpu temp doesn’t move from 42c even while running Prime95

I read somewhere that PC manufacturers tend to go overboard installing case fans and that if; you have a noisy PC this is a Fan you can disconnect with the least possible effect on cooling.

So what would you say about possibly removing the case fan completely and installing the new fan on the NINJA cooler?

Would that work?

  QUADDRA 00:19 09 Dec 2006

Just thought id add to this.. I am running Prime 95 torture test now and cpu temp has not gone up at all… does that sound right?

  Ashrich 20:19 09 Dec 2006

What temps do you get on boot up , should be a lot lower than 42c also what are you using to monitor the temps ? .


  Ashrich 20:31 09 Dec 2006

Forgot to ask if you have the fan on the heatsink already ? If so it is obviously doing it's job , also click here and read this as well .


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