nine go's to get computer to work.

  the old man 17:26 22 Oct 2005

Thursday night i was using my computer and it crashed whilst i was on the net. i tried nine times to reboot but it was a no no. it stopped loading even in safe mode, when i had entered my password to log on, even when the green indicator was going across the screen. i took it to the local computer shop and told him all what had happened and all peripherals which were connected and all other relevant info. he plugged it up to a monitor, keyboard and mouse and did various diagnostics, don't ask me what. i picked it up this morning and he said it has not done anything and all was alright. I brought it home and plugged it back up with the side panel off and only my adsl modem and wireless mouse plugged into the usb ports on the tower. i usually use a belkin usb hub and plug in a scanner and printer into it and the modem. whilst in this scenario, problems occur. with modem and mouse only, the computer has run with no problems for six hours or more today. why would this happen?. why would the usb hub or printer or scanner or modem in hub or mouse in hub cause these problems?. why would one or more of these cause a problem at POST, login screen, whilst on the internet, playing tiger woods 2005, or shutting down?. i am totally baffled. for the time being i have a redundant printer, scanner and usb hub.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:50 22 Oct 2005

"i usually use a belkin usb hub and plug in a scanner and printer into it and the modem. whilst in this scenario, problems occur."

Is this a powered HUB?

if not then the port the hub is plugged into is overloaded and is causing your crash

"I brought it home and plugged it back up with the side panel off"

Do not run with side covers off for long as the compnents are not cooled properly due to bad air flow across them.

  the old man 17:53 22 Oct 2005

hub is external powered. just left panel off to recreate situation it was in in shop.

  the old man 19:01 22 Oct 2005

added to above, have just updated avg7 and it required a reboot. did that and came to log on screen, clicked on my icon (dad 1 of 4) and i didn't have to put in my password. this has only happened since bringing computer back from shop. what have they done????

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:01 22 Oct 2005

could still be overloading as scanner printer and modem are all heavy current users and will easily rach the 500mA limit of the hub

  VoG II 19:03 22 Oct 2005

Start, Run, type in

control userpasswords2

and click OK. Tick 'Users must enter a username and password to use this computer'.

  the old man 19:05 22 Oct 2005

reboot was because of avg update to complete the process. printer scanner etc still unplugged and side panel still off.
thanks vog.

  woodchip 19:06 22 Oct 2005

Sometimes they need a Holiday. You know what to try next time, just remove every thing and try computer on its own

  the old man 19:09 22 Oct 2005

VoG - Nothing happens after 'click ok'. am using xp sp1.

woodchip - many a truer word said in jest. run with bare minimum and all is fine but doesn't really help to see cause when i do need to print or scan.

  woodchip 19:13 22 Oct 2005

I have had the same problems booting with a USB plugged in so Leave it out untill its booted up. USB Hubs are not the best of things to work with even poerd ones, I have both

  the old man 19:17 22 Oct 2005

Point taken but pain in backside pulling tower out to plug/unplug hub every time. hence post to see if people like yourself can give reason why this is happening. I gather belkin hub has lifetime guarantee but they don't answer e-mails and phone number is not a good one, i.e. cant get through.

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