NiMH or Lithium Batteries?

  lightfeet 00:03 05 Jan 2010

I need to replace my NiMH (AA size} camera batteries & think this could be the opportunity to change to Lithium batteries as I believe they should last longer & not self discharge. I would appreciate comments from anyone who's done the change & whether they consider it worthwhile.

  Andsome 08:32 05 Jan 2010
  hssutton 08:39 05 Jan 2010

My understanding of Lithium batteries is that they're not rechargable. On the other hand lithium- on(Li-ion)are, but not available in AA format.

I use dedicated Li-ion batteries for my cameras and NiMH AAs for my flash guns. I doubt I would invest in a Li-ion AA rechargable even if they where available, as they're more expensive and would require a dedicated charger.

  mooly 08:48 05 Jan 2010

Lithium secondary cells (rechargeable) as far as I know have a higher terminal voltage (around 3.6 volts) compared to NiMH
The charging requirements are also very strict.

Lithium ion are similar.

If you have seen "Lithium" AA rechargeables that are 1.5 volt I would be interested to see them if you could post a link. As far as I know the chemistry doesn't support this.
Have just done a quick search of battery specialist wholesalers and find no mention of this either.

Are you thinking of "Lithium primary cells"... disposable batteries.

  hastelloy 08:59 05 Jan 2010

I've just switched to eneloop batteries click here They come ready charged and hold their charge longer than normal rechargables. Don't know what the chemistry is though.

  dms_05 09:27 05 Jan 2010

eneloop are Ni-MH with reduced self discharge click here by improving the cathode.

  hastelloy 09:59 05 Jan 2010

Thanks dms_05 that's very interesting.

  lightfeet 10:30 05 Jan 2010

Thanks for your responses. I will have a look at this when I return home this evening.

  keef66 15:27 05 Jan 2010

The low self discharge Nimh ones are the way to go. Eneloop or Hybrio from the big manufacturers, or look on the Vapextech website for a cheaper but apparently just as good alternative.

I use them in camera and bike lights

  wjrt 23:35 05 Jan 2010
  lightfeet 00:37 06 Jan 2010

My apologies, I went off half cocked when I submitted this question. However, I knew nothing about Eneloop, Hybrio or Vapextech batteries & this looks the way I shall now go. I presume I will be able to use my existing NiMH charger with these or will I need to buy a special one?

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