Nikon 4gb SD high speed picture card stopped working with laptop

  Daisy22 19:29 31 Aug 2011

For some reason my Nikon camera card is not being read by the Acer laptop, OS windows 7.

It used to work but now it doesn't automatically show it when I insert the card and doesn't seem to be found.

What should I do to rectify the problem?

  northumbria61 20:15 31 Aug 2011

Check under the USB section of Device Manager. The card reader "might" be incorrectly listed as "unknown" device. Unistall it and let Windows re-detect it.

  Daisy22 21:10 31 Aug 2011

Thanks for that but it didn't resolve the problem when I tried it, the card was still not detected.

  hssutton 22:46 31 Aug 2011

Have you checked Control Panel>>Hardware & Sound>>autoplay. Check Pictures. I have mine set to "Take No Action" You probably want "Open Folder to View Files Using Windows Explorer" selected, or possibly one of the other actions listed in the dropdown box.

  Daisy22 12:27 01 Sep 2011

Tried that too but the card drive is still inactive. It doesn't appear in devices in My Computer.

  mooly 12:53 01 Sep 2011

Insert card and try clicking the start orb bottom left and then "computer" from the right hand list.

Does it show there and if so if you click it you should find all your photos ?

Do other cards of less than 4gb work ? A 4gb one will be a high capacity SD card and many readers do not work correctly with these. Try the above with a 2gb or less "standard" SD card.

Did this problem occur after any recent changes to your PC. Maybe try system restore if so to a date before this problem occured.

  Daisy22 13:31 01 Sep 2011

I've tried the other SD card, both of which always worked in my computer before.

A few days ago I plugged my son's mobile phone in to one of the USB ports so think the problems have started due to this. I did get an error message come up (but can't remember what it said,something like the device was not recognised).

I've tried 2 system restores and gone back to the date before I used the mobile phone/usb device, it hasn't worked.

I have windows 7 - is there a way to do a repair without losing all my documents, photos etc. I do have the recovery discs if this is the only way to get the SD memory port to work again, but I know how lengthy this process can be.

Thanks for help

  mooly 18:09 01 Sep 2011

Don't know if this would help or not,

  mooly 18:10 01 Sep 2011

Link doesn't come out right,

enter link description here

  mooly 18:12 01 Sep 2011

Click where it says "enter link description here"

  T0SH 19:28 01 Sep 2011

I think maybe some confusion exists between a USB failure to find a driver for a mobile phone after it was plugged in

This would indicate that the USB port was working normally

On the SD memory card slot on a laptop (unlike on a desktop PC) is not a USB device

In device manager the it will show in the listing usually as SD Host Adapters

The SD card ports are fairly robust but like many other devices they can and do fail

Cheers HC

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