algernonymous 10:43 12 Jul 2004

Just a couple of niggles I put up with but have now decided to do something about- every time I boot up I get a small window come up titled 'res://ie4tour.dll/welcome.htm' and the content says 'Cannot find etc., etc.,' Obviously this is something to do with IE4 which I no longer use but how do I stop it?
Secondly, my taskbar recently went from one to two rows and I can't get it back to one. I can drag it down to nothing at the bottom of the screen. Is it because there are too many icons in the sys tray? If so, how do I remove them?
Thanking you all in anticipation...

  Diodorus Siculus 10:48 12 Jul 2004

Removing icons in the system tray:




under the startup tab, disable anything you don't want / need.

click here for details of the programs which run at startup.

  algernonymous 22:36 15 Jul 2004

I looked into system tray cure, but there was nothing relating to my icons e.g.- winamp agent, task scheduler, mediakey(my keyboard), AVG, Zonealarm, ???

The res/ie4tour wasn't in control panel\internet options\advanced; wasn't too sure what I was looking for in registry.

  algernonymous 20:19 16 Jul 2004

Sorry crx, I meant the solution to the res/ie4tour problem was not in control panel\internet options\advanced, i.e. the 'show welcome message each time i log on' option was not available.

  algernonymous 12:47 08 Aug 2004

Still haven't resolved either of these...

  algernonymous 13:47 08 Aug 2004

canard- I have ie6 + updates.

stalion- I suppose it could but the shut down problem only started in the last few days.( these 2 are from long ago)

Re the sys tray prob, I'd like to keep the programs, just remove some of the icon in the sys tray.

  algernonymous 10:00 09 Aug 2004

Didn't work. Could d+d from taskbar, but not from sys tray.

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