freakbrothers 23:22 06 Mar 2003


I just got broadband installed to my PC,and its working fine just now. I am about to reformat the drive, and also add another new drive.
This new drive will become my primary master, and the old one will be the slave.

Now, b4 I reformat.
How am i meant to hook up to the net after I delete all the stuff on this drive?

Is their a 'driver' or something i have to do to turn on my NIC and allow me to connect to my broadband connection..

Please help, as am just about to reformat the hard drive otherwise


  Simon_P 23:36 06 Mar 2003

What OS are you using?
What is your NIC (ie) realtek ****** family Fast eathernet pci card.

If you are using XP it will most lickly have the driver, or you should have a driver disk that came with card, if not then you may be able to download driver from their web site and save to floppy (do this before you re format) just incase you cant connect.

hope this helps

  freakbrothers 23:41 06 Mar 2003

nice 1 4 the response.
OS is currently winxp, but after format it will be Win2000 Pro.

NIC is a NETGEAR something or other, ive got the details somewhere,Ive also got the relevant drivers 4 it.

Do I have to do anything special to connect to the broadband connection after formating the disk. I mean all that IP stup, and MAC address etc...

Thank you , and any help appreciated


  freakbrothers 23:48 06 Mar 2003

any more suggestions???

  Simon_P 23:57 06 Mar 2003

Dont understand why you want to go back to 2000 after XP but that is your choise.

I have never used 2000 but expect that it will auto set that for you, XP dose, However I use Cable (blueyonder) so not sure if same would apply to an adsl setup.

Need sleep

Good luck

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