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  Si_L 17:45 11 Jun 2007

My sis came to me with a problem, her laptop, when she puts a DVD into the drive, loads of applications start asking her to play it. WMP doesn't work properly, she doesnt like using Nero StartSmart, and she doesn't like InterActual Player.

I want to get rid of these, which I know how to do easy. But could someone recommend me a Media player for DVDs and CDs, that just does the job, and is REALLY easy to use.

Oh yeah, a free one is definitely preferable!

Thanks :)

  skidzy 17:50 11 Jun 2007

click here will play almost anything.

  birdface 18:14 11 Jun 2007

Will agree with Skidzy.VLC. It will play almost any type of Cd/DVD.

  Si_L 18:40 11 Jun 2007

Hey cheers guys that is perfect. Do you know how I can make it my default player (I am going to keep WMP on there)?

Thanks :)

  brundle 18:43 11 Jun 2007

Prefer Gomplayer here

  Si_L 18:58 11 Jun 2007

Ok I spoke too soon regarding VLC, to play the DVD you have to go to click on play then go to disc and ok it. Believe me when I say that that is too complex.

I tried Gomplayer, and it didnt have the codecs for it.

Is there a player which you literally just put the DVD in, open the program and press play?

Thanks for help so far guys :)

  brundle 19:08 11 Jun 2007

Yes, sorry, just reinstalled Windows yesterday, must have had codecs installed in my previous install - as you say Gomplayer won't do it. More media players with DVD support (not all free) click here

  skidzy 19:08 11 Jun 2007

Well your best bet will be Powerdvd basic,sorry cannot find the link at the moment but it costs under £10

I believe its version 5,maybe someone can provide the link.

You said earlier WMP does not work properly,can you elaborate more and maybe we can fix this.

first thing is to update your version of WMP to version 11 if not done so already click here

Or try Winamp click here

  Si_L 19:12 11 Jun 2007

WMP did not have the codecs to play the DVD. I would rather not have to pay for the media player.

Will give Winamp a try. Ta :)

  skidzy 19:12 11 Jun 2007

click here
Very expensive at under £2.00 Lol :-)

  skidzy 19:13 11 Jun 2007

You can download the xp codecpack to replace missing or damaged codecs click here

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