Nicam / Mono VCR Sound Problems

  Inigo 14:38 09 Jan 2003
  Inigo 14:38 09 Jan 2003

Hi all,

Okay, so this isn't exactly computer-related. But it is tech-related...

I'm having some problems with compatibility between TV / VCR sets. My parents have just bought a new widescreen and Nicam VCR. I have their old TV, hooked up to a fairly new Mono VCR.

When I play a video recorded on my parent's VCR on mine, I sometimes (Possibly always. Haven't tried too many tapes yet) get the sound of the program on the tape previously. Watching Stargate with The Simpsons audio can be interesting... :)

When I play the same tape on my parent's VCR and TV, no problems. Anyone got any ideas on this? Do I need to get a Nicam VCR too?

--Mike Peel

  graham 14:45 09 Jan 2003

You could try recording on your parents VCR with a blank tape. Their new VCR is not over-writing the part of the tape which has the audio from the old machine.

  Djohn 14:53 09 Jan 2003

As graham says, this will be down to the difference of a Mono and stereo head reading/writing to different parts of the tape itself.

  Inigo 14:59 09 Jan 2003

So I need to have a Nicam VCR to be able to play Nicam-recorded tapes then?

  Djohn 15:05 09 Jan 2003

Not necessarily so. You will need a stereo vcr to hear the tape as recorded in stereo, but you should still be able to watch/listen to a stereo tape on a Mono player.

I feel sure it will be down to head alignment, most vcr's will auto adjust for this, if yours does not, then try manual tracking adjustment on your vcr. Regards J.

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