NIC problem - XP re-install question

  G0lfer 07:06 01 Jul 2008

I believe something has messed up or is affecting my network card. I can't get on the internet/receive email.

My PC is an Acer Aspire desktop running XP Home Edition. My ISP is Virgin Media and I have a dirrect ethernet connection to a Motorola modem on a 2MB cable broadband service

However.......... when I boot up in safe mode with networking everything appears to work OK.

In a normal boot-up everything appears to be fine with the network card in device manager. In a command line window however, I cannot ping the default gateway.

If anyone has any suggestions about how to procede that would be most welcome.

I believe the only way forward is a complete re-install of XP. I have recovery disks for the system.

I also have (through my college course) a legitimate version of Windows XP Profesional Edition along with it's product key. This copy is valid for however long I am with the college - which may not be for ever.

So (at last !) my question is can I re-install XP using the Pro CD but using the product key on my PC which originally was for Home Edition ??

  ronalddonald 08:38 01 Jul 2008

Is the pro version oem or a fully boxed version.

Normally when you supplied with the xp with computer you can only use that version. This is Microsoft rules. If you buy a new computer wiht no operatins sytem you can then load up pro.

I hope this clears up thing. If you look on the search forum button bout reinstalling windows xp, you can only use the product key that came with the disc. I got to admit i be tempted to try pro but you cant becasue of mircosoft rules.

search under bios reset and installing windows xp under helproom and abolsute beginer

  ambra4 12:25 01 Jul 2008

Go into device manager and uninstall the network card reboot the computer and let windows load the driver

You can upgrade XP home to XP pro but you must have the Pro key,

XP home key will not work with XP pro

  nosharpe 12:54 01 Jul 2008

The problem may be the modem itself.
Uninstall the modem software and re-install it again.
If this doesn't work, then try and get your hands on another modem. Maybe Virgin will provide a replacement for you.

Windows XP wouldn't necessarily be the problem but if it was pre-installed when you got the PC, then you should have received a rescue disk.
The rescue disk will restore XP back to factory default.
You will need to re-install all your drivers again too.

  G0lfer 06:46 02 Jul 2008

I understand what I can do, and not do, regarding Windows Licenses.

Of my original problem, about only accessing the internet in safe mode, I have googled this and there is quite a lot of discussion about this including :-

click here

I have built a list of about 20 things to try and I am gradually working my way through it.

I did try and re-install the network card. This was done in 'normal' mode and when the PC restarted to see the card and load the drivers it came up with a critical error (2 registry items affected) and rebooted. I booted back up in safe mode and haven't seen a problem since but re-installing the NIC hasn't worked.

I am also fairly certain it isn't the modem as it works OK in safe mode.

So I will work my way through my list of "to do's" (in between watching the tennis) and will post the solution when I get it.

Of course any suggestions/tips are most welcome but judging by the stuff posted regarding this problem it can be one of many things.

  G0lfer 17:49 02 Jul 2008

It appears that I must of got infected by a Smitfraud virus.

Installing and running (in safe mode)the SmitfraudFix tool from :-

click here

has fixed the problem.

At first I thought it hadn't worked along with all the other things I tried - I'm sure that I re-booted !

I switched my PC off to install a second hard drive. When I switched it back on I got the message that Avast had updated and lo and behold I've got my internet connection back.

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