NFS Underground...Online game refuses to work

  Chegs ® 16:06 07 Dec 2003

I have tried over and over to get this game to work online.There is a patch to be d/l to enable this feature of the game,3.85mbs in size.I have d/l it,copied it to games directory,reinstalled the game using 3 different cd-roms(DVD-RW/DVD-ROM/CD-RW)played it till my fingers were sore,got upto 3rd ranking,crashed my puter updating Drivers(M$ Updates)reinstalled XP Home,but nothing seems to work to get it going online.I d/l the demo,patched it and that works online,but online in the registered full install refuses to co-operate,if I click the patch,the game opens then drops back to desktop,click the NFS icon,the game opens then hangs before the EA games video clip starts(splashscreen appears,then screen just goes black)Replace the "speed" file(patch)with the original off cd,and the game runs but online choice says I need the patch,which steadfastly refuses to work.

If you have this game,does its "Online" choice work for you?

2600 AMD cpu

15Gb Maxtor IDE hdd

2 x 120Gb SATA Maxtor hdd's

1 Gb DDR Ram

XP Home

NTFS File system.

patching thru the check for updates on the start menu? that is the only real way to get the patch's...

There has been a lot of problems with people who download warez versions of the game that then get told that there is another patch which isnt actually out yet, that they install that is just the old patch...

So just use the built in updater and try again...

But i am not having much joy with the game anyhow, just crashes after teh 3rd race in underground mode, which loads of people are getting....

Please EA sort it OUT!!

  Chegs ® 18:02 07 Dec 2003

Tried the "built in updater" Used the "Start/Progs/EA Games/Check for Update" aswell.Installed it thru several methods and each time it just bombs to desktop/halts at a black screen.I had the patch from the demo to,tried this as it worked on demo online,but as soon as I swap the "speed" file,it refuses to run.

It cost me £30 from "Game" click here so is def not a pirate version.

Have a look on the EA forum....

click here

  Chegs ® 21:18 07 Dec 2003

I cannot make head nor tail of it.I have emailed EA but if loads are having troubles then I doubt if anything will come of it.Thanks anyway,think I will reload NFS 3,as it works online(well LAN'ed anyways) :-)

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