gingepaul 23:47 01 Mar 2003

him all, i posted earier that my mate had bought a new mobo, case, ram, and i'd given him my old athlon 1ghz processor and wondered if i needed to reinstall.
well we didnt even get as far as seeing if it booted, becuse the red led on the mobo lit up when we attached the power cable, meaning the graphics card wasnt compatable with the agp port.
its a asus nforce 2 board [a7n8x-eay] and is agp 8x compatable. the graphics card is only a gf2 mx400 [thats my old card as well, hes on a tight buget and wont really be playing many games anyway].
now i new the norce 2 chipset was agp 8x compliant, but i didnt think it was essential, as the led and manual told me.
what i want to know is are there any known workarounds to this problem,or is it specific to the asus mobo, or am i missing a simple jumper setting thats not listed in the manual, or do i just have to take it back and get another board as theres no on board video?
it does say in the manual that in the bios u can dissable 8x agp, but i cant even get that far.
or are the newer agp cards more hungry for power than gf2's, and the asus supplies too much power?
the comp fairs back on in the morning so i can swap it then if need be, i would appreciate a bit of advice.

  AndySD 00:13 02 Mar 2003

Its more likely that the graphics card is not 1.5v

click here

  gingepaul 00:21 02 Mar 2003

i have never noticed any graphics cards to be advertised as a certail voltage, whats the point in making a universal standard [agp] if its not universal? i could understand if it was becuse of the 8x agp, but thats well advertised. anyway how do i shop for a 1.5 v agp card?

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