Nexus10 viewing photos

  Mike_R 17:05 20 Mar 2013

Just got my Nexus10 and am trying to view digital photos held on a USB stick. I can't find a built-in app to read from the stick. Do I need to down-load something, and if so, what?

No doubt this will be the first of a string of questions as I start to get to grips with the tablet.

BTW, with Gorilla Glass, do I also need a film of protective plastic on the screen?

  northumbria61 13:06 21 Mar 2013

You need the Nexus Photo Viewer App. - see this Link enter link description here

My opinion on the protective plastic for the screen is that they only stop fingerprints and are not really useful - better to have a decent stylus pen to use rather than your fingers. Plenty of choice here enter link description here

  Batch 15:49 21 Mar 2013

Trying to get a protective film on evenly on such a large screen is not easy. As northumbria61 says, use a stylus pen. I bought a pack of 10 for £2.99 on ebay and have them dotted around the house. They are also more precise than using your fingers as well as keeping the screen a whole lote cleaner.

I've got a Nexus 7 (made for Google by Asus), whereas the Nexus 7 is made by Samsung I believe.

With my Nexus 7 I use a USB OTG cable to connect a USB stick to the Nexus. Not sure if it is the same with Nexus 10 though.

  Mike_R 18:06 21 Mar 2013

Thanks everyone. I found about the media importer from an Android forum, and downloaded that. It does what I want.

I will not bother with plastic film.

Further problems are with apps. Ive managed to get two pictures of the settings app, email and chrome apps on the opening screen which I can't get rid of. Also the Nexus media picture only appears on the opening screen, not the apps screen reached from settings.

Further, I've downloaded Met Office and BBCi player apps but can't find a picture to open them.

In all, I'm getting very frustrated!

  muddypaws 19:22 21 Mar 2013

You need this if you don't have it: N7 Media Player

  muddypaws 19:24 21 Mar 2013

Also for N 10.

  Mike_R 19:30 21 Mar 2013

Solved the missing app problem. I was running in safe mode.

  Mike_R 23:05 22 Mar 2013

A further question on cleaning the Nexus10 screen - what is the best cleaner to use to remove fingerprints etc? I haven't any yet but can see it happening if it gets near the family.

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