Nexus One Wi Fi Set up on Orange

  Tooling Enterpri 13:08 24 Jan 2010

Hi I have purchased an unlocked Nexus One the phone & text work fine & Wi Fi to my home hub,
But I need to use orange to connect to the Wi Fi when I’m out on the road
Does any one no how orange them selves don't know the phone so can’t help?

  mgmcc 13:50 24 Jan 2010

Connecting to the Orange mobile phone network and connecting to Wireless Access Points (WiFi) are quite separate and different technologies.

If you're trying to connect to public WiFi "hotspots" while away from home, you would scan for Available Wireless Networks and then "Connect" to the selected one in the same way that you "Connect" to your Home Hub.

  Tooling Enterpri 16:59 24 Jan 2010

Yes no problem connecting to public WI FI done that but need to connect to the orange network on my phone, my old phone m600 will connect to the web fine on either my hub or on the phone
Ijust need some instruction to set the Nexus One up the google help site was of no use.

  mgmcc 17:11 24 Jan 2010

If you're trying to connect with GPRS (and I think 3G uses a GPRS "dialup number"), you probably need to dial *99# or *99***1# to connect. If a data initialisation string is required, try:

(the leading AT may not be required)

orangeinternet is the APN (Access Point Name) if that's all you need to enter.

Is that any help?

  Tooling Enterpri 20:20 24 Jan 2010

Hi the GPS works fine on my Nexus One it's the maps from the internet don't come down without the orange network connection I can see on the phone to set up a APN just found the set up page any idea what to put in on all the settings?

  Woolwell 23:22 24 Jan 2010

GPRS is internet. If you have an Orange SIM card then it may be worthwhile contacting them.
click here is information about Orange World and click here is a link to set up internet access. The snag that I can see is that Orange don't have the Nexus One listed and may not support it click here

  Woolwell 23:32 24 Jan 2010

This may help click here

  Tooling Enterpri 23:56 24 Jan 2010

I will try ringing them again now I know where the APN is entered as you say maybe its not compatable might need another network

  Tooling Enterpri 12:13 28 Jan 2010

Hi thanks for your help Orange could not help but gave me the number & web site info for HTC the manufacture they helped from the information on the android web site click here
All sorted now


  Woolwell 12:16 28 Jan 2010

I found HTC helpful before. Good it is sorted.

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