nexus 7 and synching BT emails

  smilercat 20:09 29 Sep 2014

Hi. I have BT email and until a couple of days ago used the yahoo app on my phone and nexus 7 to send/rec emails. I now have an error msg saying a/c locked and think everything has "migrated" to BT now. Somewhere i read that yahoo app wont work for bt customers anymore ? Everytime i try and go through yahoo i get taken to bt site. So I am trying to use the mail app that comes with nexus 7 but despite showing me all emails sent and received in past I cannot bring up my contacts. If I go on any other account other that POP it says connection to server failed. Looking at forums I thought it has to be IMAP. I am no geek. I don't know about ports. Please help me !

  Jollyjohn 12:32 30 Sep 2014

Are you using a PC as well to check eMails? If so Save any eMails that are important.

On Nexus7 - delete the account and create a new account using you BT eMail address, server details are for both incoming and outgoing - select imap not pop and select ssl/tsl

Send yourself an email - if works then do the same on Phone, delete account and create new account.

  smilercat 10:08 01 Oct 2014

Only using nexus 7 and old HTC desire phone. I think I've tried this combination but I'll give it a go thanks. I'm awfully confused. I have managed to set up the mail apps on nexus 7 and HTC phone. Last night I sent an email through BT site. This has not appeared as sent item on either nexus or HTC mail app.... This morning I sent an email through nexus 7 mail app. This is not shown as sent item's in either main BT web mail site or on HTC mail app. The reply has come through from recipient to all three ie. BT web mail, HTC mail app and nexus 7 mail app but delayed on first 2 ! Does any of this make sense ?! Also no history of all my previous emails or contacts on nexus 7 or HTC mail apps. I'm really sorry to be so stupid....

  Jollyjohn 12:13 01 Oct 2014

To compare eMail to Royal Mail for a minute. Your BT Web Mail is the sorting / delivery office and your phone / nexus are your house.

Using a pop (post office protocol) account eMail was downloaded to the device (delivered your house ) that connected - phone OR nexus.

Now using imap (Instant message application protocol) eMails stay on the server ( delivery office) and you view them on phone, nexus and anything else you have connected. imap synchronises all connected devices. If you delete a message on your phone, it will not appear on the nexus or on BT WebMail.

Now whatever shows on your BT WebMail page inbox is what will show on phone and nexus.

I am not sure if Sent messages synchronise across all devices, I will look into that.

  Jollyjohn 12:24 01 Oct 2014

See this, posted yesterday click here - it appears the servers are slow to update the sent messages.

  smilercat 06:55 02 Oct 2014

Thanks for the explanation. It really helped. Wow it worked, well almost but perhaps as you say servers are slow to respond. If I send an email from BT webmail, it shows on nexus mail app and vice versa but not on htc. Sending from HTC doesn't appear on either BT webmail or nexus mail app.

  smilercat 08:20 02 Oct 2014

Hi again. Just to let you know now having problems with BT webmail. Keeps saying unable to connect to server or slow to respond. Msg kept coming up yesterday, but could use it. Today can't use BT webmail at all.

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