Nexus 7 Has No File Management System

  RegScriv 12:02 15 Jan 2013

The Nexus 7 tablet has no file management whatsoever. Copying folders across from the pc, carefully named to ensure they remain in the same sequence, appear on the Nexus in random order. Tagging doesn't help. In fact, they will appear in the sequence in which they are copied across eg first copied at the far end, last copied at the front end. If you then want to slot one in half way, you can't, it will appear at the front end.

The Nexus needs a file management app and there are a number available for download. Question is, how do they work and will any or all of them cure my problem. Also,is which one is the most suitable.

Can anyone help please.

  northumbria61 12:17 15 Jan 2013

There is one here on Google Play Store enter link description here

  RegScriv 13:41 15 Jan 2013

Thanks northumbria61. Have you tried it or do you know how it works. I'm wondering whether, by installing it, it will re-arrange the folders I have already installed in the Nexus 7 Picture folder into name order.

  northumbria61 13:50 15 Jan 2013

No I don't have a Nexus but I have been looking at them - don't know much about the File Manager either but it seems to be an easy/recommended one from the description and User Reviews. There should be no harm in trying it - or any other available app.

  Batch 14:28 15 Jan 2013

I use ES File Explorer (free download from Google Play). It is one of the most frequently recommended ones. It is the only one I have tried.

It shows files and folders in alphabetical order. I haven't found a way to view in any other sequence yet.

You'll find that many things are not as sophisticated as on a PC (and not just in a file manager). For example, ES doesn't show columns with various other info (size, date etc.) - you have to select the properties of each file to get that.

I suggest you just try different ones from the Play store and see which works best for you.

  wee eddie 15:58 15 Jan 2013

JHey, these things are still toys, what do you expect

  RegScriv 15:06 16 Jan 2013

Thanks Batch. ES File Explorer is talked about widely & appears to be a very popular file manager for Android. I'll give that one a try.

  RegScriv 15:22 17 Jan 2013

Just a thought. My focus here is on organizing my photos. Has anyone any knowledge about an Android Photo Organizer.

There are several available but I'm a bit nervous about downloading. Being a Nexus/Tablet newbie I'm worried about mucking up the system.

  Batch 17:47 17 Jan 2013

These are the things that I've installed so far:

  • Avast Security (t just scans software downloads as far as I can see)

  • Es File Manager

  • PowerAmp (to play music files etc.)

  • QuickPic (for photo viewing)

  • Jota (as a text editor, I tried Jota+, but prefer the plain Jota)

  • Pocket (To capture articles off web for offline reading)

  • Kindle Reader (as better selection of books than Google and includes a reasonable PDF reader)

  • GPS Essentials AND GPS Status (to play with GPS whilst I'm out hiking)

  • AdBlockPlus (it's an Ad Blocker!)

  • Nexus Media Importer (with a USB OTG cable can read USB Flash Drives)

  • MX Video Player (to play videos!)

  • zArchiver (as ES File Manager is appallingly slow at unpacking encrypted zip files, e.g. a 115MB file took 36 secs with zArchiver, 11 mins with ES)

  • Camera Launcher for Nexus 7 (a shortcut to just start up the camera without having to launch a specific app that has embedded use of the camera).

Of the above only Nexus Media Importer and PowerAmp cost anything (£1.88 and £1.49 respectively). The USB OTH cable cost £1.29 off eBay.

I shall probably download an alternative email app as the stock email app (not gmail) is flaky.

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