Nexus 7 can't connect to Talktalk e-mail

  Ikarus 11:08 30 Jan 2013

My daughter had a Nexus 7 tablet for Xmas but, to date has been unable to sign in to her Talktalk account (she also had the same problem on my desktop). According to the Talktalk help section "this problem has now been resolved" but she still can't even sign in. Has anyone else had this problem or even solved it? Is the answer to set up the account again in the tablet?

  Chronos the 2nd 11:29 30 Jan 2013

I would certainly try by deleting the existing account from the Nexus and try and set it up again.

  muddypaws 13:11 30 Jan 2013

I haven't yet set up the account in the N7 Mail folder.

I just go the website and log in there and make it a favourite

But assume yo have tried that.?

  muddypaws 13:18 30 Jan 2013


I have a tiscali email and a TT email address. The TT account was automatically set up by the N7 accessed via the mail folder. It's the Tiscali one I haven't manually set up on the N7. I hurts my brain doing that!!

  msse 20:43 07 Feb 2013

Does anyone know if the Nexus 7 supplied by Talktalk works on wireless only or does it use up your data

  SillBill 20:53 07 Feb 2013

Msse - You really should have started a new thread. However, open Settings>Wireless and Networks>Mobile Networks>Untick all of these:Use Packet Data,Data Roaming, Use only 2G Networks. that way you will only use WiFi or Hotspots (if enabled).

  Batch 10:04 08 Feb 2013

I found setting up a variety of email accounts from different ISPs pretty straight forward using the Nexus 7 email app. Not much different from setting up email on a PC.

Of course you will need the mail server details and have to decide whether you are going to use IMAP or POP mail servers for the Nexus 7 (I use IMAP on the Nexus and POP on my PC, so that any mail I receive on the Nexus 7 [and don't delete from there] will eventually be downloaded on my PC).

Interestingly, although Tiscali don't publish an IMAP server name (they just give for POP), I tried for IMAP ('cos someone else had suggested it) and it works fine.

If you intend to use the email app for sending email whilst out and about, you will need to use a suitable SMTP server. The normal recommendation is to the SMTP server of whatever wifi service you are then currently connected to, but this is clearly impractical. BUT, I have found that if I use my home ISP's SMTP server details AND set it up to require a login (using my home ISP's login details), it works fine [not guaranteed to work for all ISPs though]. In fact I've just got back from Gran Canaria and using the SMTP this way worked absolutely fine.

  xox101 11:12 08 Feb 2013

I replied to a post yesterday where someone had the same problem with TT email. I said then that TT has a shocking record with keeping their email up and running and I still say that now.

Far better to use a web based email like google or hotmail that isn't dependent on your service provider.

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