next step in bios flash?

  dfghjkl 02:59 04 Apr 2004

hello chaps,i am about to do my first bios flash.i have a floppy with the new bios and a boot is an ami bios with 98 se on it.i know i have to boot of the floppy,but when i do i get the 3 choices,start with cd support.start without cd support and i forget the third,i think it is command prompt or ms dos(not very good forgetting it,i know)but what do i press?and then will it walk me through putting the floppy in wiyh the new bios?i printed an idiots guide off,but that says boot from a boot disc,then swap discs then enter new is a bit vague as to the any help would be nice.dont try to talk me out of it because it is its last chance to be saved from the bin.constant crashing,i have swapped everything exept mobo and cpu (and bios flash)thanks for reading this and i hope you can help.peter.

  hugh-265156 03:08 04 Apr 2004

well the flashing process is different for each make of manufacturers board.

what make and exact model number of motherboard do you have?

can you give a link to the page where you printed of the instructions please.this would help.

ps.any time i flashed a bios i just copied the update to a blank floppy and booted with it in the drive.i didnt need to use a seperate windows boot disk but as above each manufacturer may have thier own methods.

  Chegs ® 04:37 04 Apr 2004

You can select any of the choices,after its run thru you need to type

A: and press enter

Then type at the A:\ prompt "dir" and whatever the flash utility is called will be shown,then just type the (name of this app).exe and hit enter again.The flash prog should run and include any further instructions for creating a backup of the old BIOS.I had to type the full instructions at the A: prompt...

A:\awd801.exe BIN8312 (these are the names of my flash utility and updated BIOS file)

  temp003 09:30 04 Apr 2004

Follow Chegs's advice to get to the A:\> prompt.

There should be on your motheboard website instructions how to update the BIOS. You should follow those.

If it's one of those unhelpful mobo sites which doesn't tell you anything, Chegs' way is the usual way of doing it.

Make sure the floppy with the BIOS files is inserted (whether it's the same floppy or another one).

Then at the A:\> prompt, type the name of the AMI flash utility exe file, followed by a space, followed by the name of the BIOS file. Press Enter.

For example, if the AMI flash utility is called aminf335.exe, and the BIOS update is called 030812.rom, then at the A:\> prompt, you type:

aminf335.exe 030812.rom

and press Enter. Wait patiently and don't press any key or try to do anything. It may seem nothing is happening, but ultimately the computer should restart. Then you remove the floppy.

  dfghjkl 11:46 04 Apr 2004

thanks is a matsonic 8308e,the bios is 010912.rom and the utility is amin will it be "aminf339.exe 010912.rom" at the A:\> prompt, How do i transfer a link from the matsonic website?

  SEASHANTY 14:36 04 Apr 2004


  dfghjkl 15:09 04 Apr 2004

i have just re read the mobo site info,it says to make a bootable floppy disc then add the bios and the flash utility to it then boot from it.i have a boot disc and a seperate disc with the 2 files on it ,so i guess it is the same.or is it?

  hugh-265156 18:24 04 Apr 2004

click here click here

grab a windows 98 oem boot disk from click here

download and copy both 010912.exe and

unzip both of them to the bootdisk above.

enter your bios and make your floppy drive the first boot device.

with the floppy in the drive,boot from it.follow Chegs ® advice above to get to the A:\ prompt and type exactly:

A:\"amnif339 010912.rom /f" (without the quotes) and press enter.

when it finishes give it a few seconds and remove the floppy from the drive and press ctrl+alt+del to reboot.

enter your bios and load up defaults.

if it breaks its not my fault ok :-)

be careful good luck.

  Boy Zone 19:07 04 Apr 2004

Having just read this thread, when do you have to upgrade the BIOS of ones mother board?
I have a MSI board, which is now 18 mths old, should I also be considering an upgrade?

  Rayuk 19:13 04 Apr 2004

If you wish to update your cpu you may have to update, or check the info file for the bios update to see if will solve any problems you are having

  hugh-265156 19:17 04 Apr 2004

only update if you are installing new hardware on an older system and there is an update to make it work or if you have a specific fault and there is an exact update to fix it etc.

otherwise leave it alone.

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