Next Best Operating System to Windows XP Pro

  23790954 11:06 25 May 2006

I would like to know if there is any other operating system, nearly as good as Windows XP Pro, which does NOT NEED activating. Although I purchased a new genuine copy of Windows XP Pro, costing over £200.00, a few years ago, I find Microsofts control over it diabolical. I have upgraded my system twice recently, only to be told it must be reactivated within 30 days etc. As an elderly pensioner, my hobby is building and repairing computers for my grand-children, and due to microsofts control, I cannot install this copy of Windows XP on their computers. I am building a very good quality computer for my daughter-in-laws unisex hair salon, and I cannot install this copy of Windows XP on her computer. Although I did pay over £200.00 for my Windows XP I find microsofts control over the software as totally unacceptable. Any recommendations of similar operating system not needing activated, or any way round these problems would be appreciated.
Many thanks to all who take the time to reply.

  jimv7 11:44 25 May 2006

click here

and a google search for 'linux' will bring up many flavours of free operating systems.

  Stuartli 12:05 25 May 2006

You shouldn't even be contemplating putting your copy of XP Pro on another system.

As you are building a computer for someone who runs a business, she should invest in XP Pro and claim it as a tax expense. It's quite legal then both ways.

  Mr Mistoffelees 12:08 25 May 2006

You won't find any flavour of Linux offers anything like the ease of use or software availability and compatibility of Windows XP. For the new PC you are entitled to buy an OEM Windows disk. Windows XP Home OEM can be had for less than £60.

  dontmeshwithme 12:08 25 May 2006

If you are building the systems then look at OEM copies which are available for around half the price of the retail versions. try click here

  Mr Mistoffelees 12:10 25 May 2006

If it is just one standalone PC in the salon, Pro won't offer any real advantages.

  spuds 12:11 25 May 2006

Go for Linux as a 'free' operating system, or buy a oem version of XP from somewhere like Ebuyer (about £58 Home/£80 Pro).

  23790954 13:13 25 May 2006

I appreciate that I can purchase Windows XP Pro or Home cheaper by buying the OEM versions, but this does not eliminate the fact that should any settings be changed, which are unacceptable to microsoft, then all the palava of having the system reactivated comes into play. I would like to avoid all this, hence the need for an alternative Operating System.

  23790954 13:17 25 May 2006

I thank you all for your postings. Can anyone who uses Linux explain how good it is, in relation to Windows XP, and if possible point out a few important features that differ.
Many thanks.

  Mr Mistoffelees 14:02 25 May 2006

Usually only a major hardware change, such as a new motherboard, will require reactivation. To be honest reactivation is so easy and quick it is not worth worrying about.

  dth 14:09 25 May 2006

Have a look here:-

click here


click here

If you like playing about with PCs am sure that you'll find Linux fun. There is none of the Microsoft activation nonsense or DRM.

Whether it is better or worse than Windows is a matter of taste. Myself I run a dual-boot system with Suse 64 bit 10.0 and Windows XP and hardly ever use Windows these days.

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