newsgroups!! or lack of them..

  Manbreck 19:02 02 Jan 2005

I have set up an account with OE newsreader and have managed to download a whole load of newsgroups. However they are all microsoft computer related. How can i get other topics?

  ACOLYTE 19:13 02 Jan 2005

To be honest i only downloaded newsgroups once
and i got a load of crap from porn to who killed kenedy,never tried again having said that i dont know if they are ISP realated and you can only get what you ISP subscribes to,could be wrong tho.

  Buchan 35 19:19 02 Jan 2005

Manbreck, I`m in same position as ACOLYTE, I downloaded a load of rubbish from MSN related sites and Immediately deleted them. I do get enough on my ISP`s front page, that`s Onetel

  €dstowe 19:42 02 Jan 2005

As large proportion of Newsnet Newsgroups are devoted to porn and illegal activities, several ISPs heavily restrict which newsgroups are available on their server.

If you really want a lot of newgroups available to you, get a newsreader - there are lots to choose from if you do a Google. They are subject to a regular fee.

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