Newsgroups - Can't Connect

  [DELETED] 17:45 17 Aug 2003

I am using Windows XP, am using Outlook Express and have two ISP accounts. When trying to connect I get the following message;

Protocol: NNTP
Port: 563
Secure(SSL): 1
Code: 800ccc0e

A similar message comes up (, ) when I try to download and access newsgroups through which I signed upto as a second ISP last week. Outlook Express shows I am connected but I get timed out without any newsgroups being downloaded). I don't have any virus infections and have even removed Zone Alarm in the hope that this might fix the problem.

I have phoned the Tesco (premium rate) helpline but they had little to offer in the way of advice. Is there anythng I can change in my PC settings that might be able to sort this one?
Any suggestions appreciated.


  [DELETED] 17:56 17 Aug 2003

click here(SSL):+1+Code:+800ccc0e&hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&filter=0 for related problem


  [DELETED] 17:57 17 Aug 2003
  [DELETED] 22:41 11 Nov 2004

hi, i have the same problem on, message as below, mail ok but newgroups just chuck up this error below, not sure how the link got there but is always in the error box when you click details of error...cheers..paz

502 Permission Denied - Permission Denied -- click here (Tornado v1.0.6.363)

  [DELETED] 22:44 11 Nov 2004

502 Permission Denied - Permission Denied -- click here (Tornado v1.0.6.363)

Account: tesco
Protocol: NNTP
Port: 119
Secure(SSL): 0
Error Number: 502
Code: 800ccca0

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