The Dazza 15:00 02 Apr 2006

I have subscribed for a couple of newsgroups on
Looking at my folders it shows the newsgroups I am subscribed to and shows a number in brackets. The question I have is how can I view all the previous postings as it seems to archive itself after a day or two and cannot view the postings in brackets. Cheers

  johnnyrocker 15:04 02 Apr 2006

i seem to recall that there is a way of downloading all messages using the tool bar at the top, one of the options was something like get next 300 messages etc.


  The Dazza 15:52 02 Apr 2006

Cheers fella. I have selected this option but it doesn't show history. Maybe it will keep the next 300 though?

  €dstowe 15:57 02 Apr 2006

For space reasons, most ISPs only retain a few days worth of newsgroup postings.

If you want to refer to items of longer ago you need to subscribe to an independent news server such as click here Even so, the retention time is not all that long (62 days for pictures, 1024 days for text).

Note that, unlike the service from your ISP, these commercial services are not free.

  The Dazza 16:01 02 Apr 2006

Cheers mate, only interested in freebies though.

  interzone55 18:02 02 Apr 2006

Which newsgroups are you subscribed to?

If they're text ones you could use the google groups service, this is free and most text groups are archived back to the introduction of usenet (1979). The trouble is google does not carry any binaries groups (for fairly obvious reasons, even google's seemingly limitless amount of HDD space would struggle to archive more than a couple of week's traffic on the multimedia groups)

For serious usenet use you could try Forte's APN (Agent Premium Newservice) click here it's only $2.95 a month with a 7gb a month download limit. While you're at it, grab their news reader (Forte Agent) it's not free, but it wipes the floor with Outlook Depress.

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