NEWS:- THERE is a new GRAPHICS CARD on the market

  Pez87 18:22 27 Jan 2006

nVIDIA has released a new AGP Graphics card called the 7800GS. It hasnt been released over in the UK yet but will do soon.

  gudgulf 19:31 27 Jan 2006

I'm watching this with interest on various web forums..........having reached the stage where my AGP based system can't be upgraded further.

Unless that is something like the 7800GS or an ATI X1800 AGP card is released.

Given the choice of completely replacing what is a high spec pc to keep up with the latest games, or buying an "end of the line" AGP graphics card upgrade I know what I'm going to do if such a card is released :D

  malgall 19:44 27 Jan 2006

i have same problem but have been looking at new pc reviews on machines with amd 3400 and a top end 3d card the scores show there is a limit before you cpu is the bottleneck so you can put the fastest 3d card in it will make little differance

  gudgulf 20:14 27 Jan 2006

Not quite true........when you play your games at high resolution and with high image quality settings the performance of the gpu is the most important factor.

It's true that at low resolutions the graphics card can process everything that the cpu throws at it.....hence a cpu limitation on maximum fps.

But when you throw in all the high detail rendering/AA/AF and rendering of shadows etc at higher resolutions (all done by the graphics card) the fps the gpu can process falls below what most fast processors can send to it.That's why adding a second graphics card in an sli set up can process more of the cpus output with two cards,but only at high resolutions and IQ settings.Drop the settings and the advantge disappears.

Bear in mind most benchmarks are run at relatively low resolution and with no AA/AF.....better to look at results for real games with 1600x1200 resolution and AA applied.

Your AMD 3400+ and My 3.6GHz p4 can both push out considerably more fps than the best current AGP graphics cards can process at the high settings I like to use so there WILL be an improvement with a better card.

Certainly there will be enough of a performance boost plus the support for pixel shader 3 that my ATI x800xt lacks to get me to part with my cash.

Providing that is that an AGP version actually does come on the market.

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:36 27 Jan 2006

Just looked at the nVidia website. The new card is the 7300GS not 7800GS and it is not going to be any good for demanding game graphics. This is a budget version of the nVidia 7 series, eg only a 64bit memory interface.

  gudgulf 21:03 27 Jan 2006

I know about the 7300GS but see click here

  Chegs ®™ 21:53 27 Jan 2006

click here

All well and good,but anyone anything to offer on this article?

  gudgulf 22:05 27 Jan 2006

Hi Chegs ®™

The intricacies and implementation of SLI was not my point.....that is driver based and far from perfect for all games.

The point is that for ANY improvement in frame rate there MUST be be more frames per second available from the cpu than a single graphics card can process.

SLI can't make the cpu run faster or more efficiently......all it can do,in theory is harness the power of more than one gpu to render more of the frames sent to the graphics cards by the cpu.

The article you link to is a good one....I've read it before.It's one of the reasons I will be sticking with single card graphics......not to mention the cost!

  Mr Mistoffelees 22:07 27 Jan 2006

So if you want to know what nVidia are up to, don't look at their own website. I'll remember that!

  gudgulf 22:13 27 Jan 2006

There has been a lot of rumour about the 7800GS AGP for quite a while......all denied by NVidia,lol.

Just Google 7800gs agp and see.

Mind you I'll believe it when I see it!!!!!

  Chegs ®™ 22:41 27 Jan 2006

"It's one of the reasons I will be sticking with single card graphics"

Might I enquire of the other reasons? I read a bit on OCUK forum that declared AGP was dead,so had been trying to get my poorly functioning single greycell to decipher all these variances in opinions and test results with a view to upgrading my system at some point in the forseeable future.I had already decided on a 64 bit CPU as (usual) I recently discovered that as far as video rendering goes my present Athlon XP is about as crap as it gets at this,I am certainly interested in Sli but haven't yet seen a test that has enabled me to justify spending another £300 on another graphics card,then saving further to spend yet another £300 for a second card that isn't guaranteed to get even better gaming experiences,and actually degraded the result in a couple of games.I realise that as the games become available that are able to exploit the potential of twin cards,it will be a darn difficult task to try and "second guess" the hardware advances,especially with the 979 mobo's already due to be superceded by AMD's M2 processors in approx 6mths.

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