dogbreath1 10:54 01 Jun 2005

A few snippets that may be of interest...

1. Spyware makers sue anti-spyware vendors!

In a situation reminiscent of those cases you read about where a burglar breaks into a home and then sues the homeowner because he trips and falls while stealing stuff, the makers of spyware are now suing companies that make anti-spyware software. Microsoft is lobbying Congress to include provisions for preventing such frivolous lawsuits in the spyware bills that they approved last week. Read more about it here:
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2. Computer files being held hostage

As if the usual hack attacks weren't bad enough, now the bad guys are getting into the extortion business. The latest threat encrypts your documents, photos and other files and leaves behind a ransom note, demanding money in exchange for the encryption keys to unlock the files. How the money is supposed to be exchanged without the "kidnapper's" identity being compromised isn't clear. Maybe they didn't think this one through completely? In any event, it proves the need to make backups of your important files and store them off-site.
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It's a nice world that we live in!

3. How to delete those "undeletable" files

Sometimes when you try to delete a file, Windows won't let you do it. You might get an error message that says "file access denied" or "file in use." You might first try rebooting; if the file is locked because it's being used by an open application, that might release it. If not, try the suggestions here:
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  amonra 17:16 01 Jun 2005

That's a d**n good link to some very useful programs, updates and freebies. Thanks a million.

  Jak_1 17:17 01 Jun 2005

Sounds about right don't it! Next thing is we'll all be sue'd because the burglar/virus writer can not get access to our homes/computers.

Thanks for the tip for deletion of files.

  Indigo 1 18:34 01 Jun 2005

Thanks for that dogbreath1, very useful.

  Buchan 35 19:28 01 Jun 2005

Excellent post. Thanks a lot

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