Newer graphis card reduces Windows experience.

  Peter Lanky 15:58 25 Mar 2013

I have just replaced my old Nvidia 9500GT 512MB with an Nvidia GT610 2GB card. The result has seen my Windows Aero performance on the Windows Experience Index reduce from 5.4 to 4.2.

Not a good result.

System is Dell Vostro 430 with 8GB RAM running Windows 8 Pro. I have installed the latest driver for the new card.

Any explanation and solution?

  bremner 16:30 25 Mar 2013

Have you the latest drivers, if so have you tried deleting the drivers and rebooting to let them reinstall.

  Peter Lanky 16:47 25 Mar 2013

Yes. Uninstalled the display adapter in control panel, rebooted, and it reinstalled with the latest driver. No change to Windows Experience Score.

  Ian in Northampton 16:50 25 Mar 2013

Peter: you've loaded the NVIDIA drivers, right (they run to about 100MB, from memory), and not allowed Windows to load default VGA drivers?

  Peter Lanky 23:15 25 Mar 2013

Latest driver installed v dated 14/3/2013

In fact the driver installed by CD from last year gives score of 4.7, but new driver only gives 4.2

  Peter Lanky 08:26 26 Mar 2013

I cleaned out old drivers using Driver Cleaner Pro, and then had a new Aero score of 4.7. However when I installed the latest driver from Nvidia, it returned to 4.2 again.

I also ran a test with 3DMark which gave the following results:

3DMark Score P663 Graphics Score 576 Physics Score 5580 Combined Score 560 3DMark Score 663 3DMarks Graphics Score 576 Physics Score 5580 Combined Score 560 Graphics Test 1 2.5772271156311035 FPS Graphics Test 2 2.6766014099121094 FPS Graphics Test 3 3.48044490814209 FPS Graphics Test 4 1.826974630355835 FPS Physics Test 17.715332 FPS Combined Test 2.60705781 FPS

The figures mean nothing to me, but without getting too complex, do they suggest my card is operating normally?

  martd7 13:00 26 Mar 2013

Peter i dont think the score is that important,a better way of looking at this issue is to ask yourself has game performance increased? if it has i wouldnt worry about the score Found this about the windows 8 experience,lots of people are seeing the same problems

  martd7 13:10 26 Mar 2013

I may add too that the gt 610 is a low end graphics card its a rebadged gt 520,the newer 6 series are the much faster kepler models

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