Newbie and sharing broadband

  beej67 19:19 25 Sep 2003

I have broadband, and I'm wanting to share connection with the kids pc.

Am I right in assuming all I need is a router?

Both PC's have lan, but modem is only USB.

Thinking on the lines of wireless, but have no clue about whats needed, so any help/tips or links would be gratefully appreciated....Thanks

  graham√ 19:30 25 Sep 2003

Here you go click here

  expertec 19:33 25 Sep 2003
  graham√ 19:33 25 Sep 2003
  beej67 19:44 25 Sep 2003

Thanks for the links guys, but thats way out of my league.

Connecting two PC's with that would cost £250.00.

Any other suggestions?

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