newbie needs help on ati installation

  marcsozzie 19:35 26 Mar 2004

Hi there i have got a sapphire ati 9800 radeon pro to install, the basic question i have is where does the lead from the card go ? i have no idea..? always installed geforce before and they have no leads....

  Paranoid Android 20:14 26 Mar 2004

These cards draw too muchpower for the AGPport to handle, so they need an extra power connector. This is provided by a 4-pin molex connector, same type as used on your hard disks or CDrom.

If you have a spare power connector available coming out of your power supply, just plug it in.

The flying lead is provided in case you need to 'pass through' power to another device, such as a hard disk.


  marcsozzie 20:46 26 Mar 2004 dunmb ? question..what if i dont have a spare power connector ?

  Paranoid Android 20:55 26 Mar 2004

I believe the card comes with a splitter. Unplug one device from its power, for example a hard disk.

Fit the splitter to the graphics card. One tail goes to the hard disk (or whatever), the other coes to the cable you just unplugged.

If you don't have a splitter they can be purchased very cheaply.


  Smiler 11:22 28 Mar 2004

thanks for the link. Don't by a splitter from PCWorld though, went there yesterday they wanted £4.99 went to local pc shop £1.50.

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