Newbie needs help.

  cabbieman 22:13 11 Feb 2004

Hi.This is my first posting.If anyone can help me then it must be you peeps.Iv'e done a search but can't seem to come up with a problem similar to mine.On certain web pages,I don't seem to be able to get the page to load. The message on the bottom of the screen reads "done" as if the page has loaded but it's blank. I tried to download a "java enabled page" ( I think thats right ) but it told me I wasn't java enabled so I checked my settings and they all seem to be enabled. I'm not terribly good with pc's and my knowledge is limited. I hope I've described my problem ok and would be extremly grateful if anybody could help.

  johnnyrocker 22:15 11 Feb 2004

what operating system do you have? (windows) and have you got all the updates?


  cabbieman 22:21 11 Feb 2004

Sorry, a bit of info would have helped!. I'm running win 98 and my browser is aol although I have the same problem on IE.I can't get updates from microsoft because when I click on the relevant link, I get my problem of not loading

  Belatucadrus 22:23 11 Feb 2004

Check security software like firewalls to see if anything is set to block Java, I made Freeserve homepage vanish by blocking javascript with Naviscope.

  johnnyrocker 22:24 11 Feb 2004

spyware blaster by default does the same thing.


  cabbieman 22:27 11 Feb 2004

Dont shout at me but I don't seem to have any security at the moment. Definately not got a firewall and when I go into norton antivirus, nothing comes up.I think I may have deleted something somewhere but I'm not sure and I dont know where to start to look

  VoG II 22:30 11 Feb 2004

Do a search for a file called HOSTS with no file extension (i.e. not HOSTS.SAM or anything like that, just HOSTS). You will need to enable display hidden files and folders in the search options.

If you find one, right click it in the search results window and select Rename. Call it HOSTS.OLD and click OK then restart your computer.

  cabbieman 22:37 11 Feb 2004

OK, fingers crossed

  VoG II 22:37 11 Feb 2004

Nobody is going to shout at you. If Norton is not properly installed then you could try going into Control Panel, Add&Remove programs and remove Norton. Then re-install from the CD.

However, you would be just as well off with the free anti-virus AVG click here

You may wish to consider a firewall, especially if you have a broadband connection click here "Download FREE ZoneAlarm".

  cabbieman 22:54 11 Feb 2004

I've found six hosts ( 3 on their own and 1x lMHOST,2x IMHOST ) but nothing happens when I right click them.Gone into the options box on the same screen and it just gives me 2 options. First one is "case sensitive", second one is "save results". Don't know where to go from here.

  cabbieman 22:55 11 Feb 2004

Sorry, should say I get the option to rename but nothing happens when I click it.

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