Newbie help please

  Dirk Diggler 08:51 01 Oct 2008

I have been trying to get my laptop see and access on a home network

Main PC - Connected to net ethernet cable & wireless router (Running Vista)

Laptop - Built in wireless adaptor (Running XP)

I have set up a wireless network "ExampleNet07" which my laptop can connect to and access the net

I have made sure both PC's are in the same workgroup "JNET" but if try and view workgroup computers it says it is not accessible "network path not found"

Can anyone help before my sanity disapears OR now that my better half wants a bedroom PC to have net access can anyone provide a SIMPLE step-by-step guide to setting up again from scratch?

Many thanks

  woodchip 09:52 01 Oct 2008

I know this is not the first time you have posted as I have replied to some of your posts. So Title to thread is no going to attract much interest. If you was selling Something I think it would be more Intuitive.

No down to your problem, Looks like you cannot connect to your Wireless Router Correct me if I am wrong.

You should be able to input SSID if needed and Encryption Key if your Router is Secure, that should get you connected.

If on the Other hand you are trying to Network Computers, Go to Control Panel, Switch on All Computers and Printers that you want to share. In Control Panel Double Click on Network Wizard this should be done on the XP computer, fill in details it asks for then create a disc to use on other computers when it offers, you should then use this disc on other computer while they are all switched on. SAVE THE DISC

  Dirk Diggler 10:17 01 Oct 2008

I know you have responded to my post on this subject previously and I am grateful but (a) I am doing this now on a whole new set up and (b) I still "feel" like a bloomin newbie lol

Basically I can get all three PC's (yes I managed to add the one for the mrs) lol to access the internet via my network "ExampleNet07" through a wireless router

What I can't get them to do is see each other on the network - the aim being that they can then access shared files & printer etc

As I have all three on the net now is it wise to do as you say and run the whole wizard again or could it just eb something that needs tweaking that I am missing something obvious?


  woodchip 10:21 01 Oct 2008

Do it as I said using the Network Wizard on the XP computer in Control Panel. it saves all the headache

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