Newbie help please

  Ridleyrider 19:53 24 Feb 2004

I had Windows XP Professional previously installe don my PC & I knew my way around it ok.

I have now replaced it with Windows XP Home which is quite different.

Please can someone help me with these questions?

(1) How do I get the desktop & IE icons on the taskbar liek the were on Pro (on the bottom left nest to the Start tab).

(2) When I scroll down using the mouse wheel, the pages are slow to move down (they sort of flicker). How do I adjust this (is it refresh rate?)


  powerless 19:58 24 Feb 2004

1) Right click taskbar, toolbars, quick launch

2) Uddate graphic drivers and/or in IE, tools, internet options, advanced, enable smooth scrolling.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:00 24 Feb 2004

Right click on the task bar and choose to have the "quick launch" toolbar selected.

Check in mouse options for the actions of a scroll mouse - either page at a time, or 3 lines or whatever.

  Ridleyrider 20:09 24 Feb 2004


I have tried the mouse & internet suggestions above for the scrolling and it's still the same (i.e the scrolling isnt very smooth).

  johnnyrocker 20:14 24 Feb 2004

in my opinion moving from pro to home is a backward step in more ways than one..


  Ridleyrider 20:49 24 Feb 2004


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