Newbie to Brodband

  Mr Otten 18:00 14 Apr 2005

hello, i am upgrading to broadband, because has exchange just been changed, and i want to have a wireless network, could someone tell me how to do this, and how to set it up?
also some info on how to secure so none of those pesky hackers can get in!!!
the perhpials that i have chosen are: NPLINWRT54GS Linksys WRT54GS (which is the router (wirless G)) and if i am right i only one:
NPLINWMP54GS Linksys WMP54GS (wireless antennae) could someone help me? i haven't bought them yet so please tell me if there are better ones, my connection is Tiscali Broadband 2mb and 20Gb D/L. are the hardware compatible with the connection, i think that the modem has cables, don't know yet as i get it free when they deliver it. and i think that it is ASDL???
any more info you need just ask, i'll help if i can!!

i'm sure the brainboxes that live on this forum can help!!!

  RealDopey 18:23 15 Apr 2005

How many and what type of pc's are you going to network ie. desktop or laptops?

  Dipso 23:18 15 Apr 2005

Is the bundled modem a USB modem as they tend to be. If so, you may have a problem with the router you have chosen. There aren't many routers around that take USB connections. I think DLink do one. click here is the Linksys's combined wireless modem/router. If you are intending to network more than 1 machine, I would keep the free modem (if USB) for emergencies and go for a combined router modem. But that is only my opinion ;)

  RealDopey 08:36 16 Apr 2005

I absolutely agree with your opinion, but I'm still curious as to what Mr Otten is going to network.

  Mr Otten 17:52 16 Apr 2005

i am going to network two pcs both on xp pro. and yes the modem is a free slimline usb one, provided by tiscali, any ideas?

  Dipso 22:55 16 Apr 2005

I have taken this from some tech spec for your chosen router "Note: This router requires an external cable or DSL modem with an Ethernet interface." so basically you would not be able to use this with your bundled modem.

The Linksys WAG54G would do the job but is a little more expensive as it is a combined modem/router, £52.59 from Comet inc del.

The wireless card you have chosen should be fine with this. I presume the fact that you say you only need one means you will be wiring the other PC to the router.

  Strawballs 00:02 18 Apr 2005

As for your secureity select WPA encyption choose a password for the router then do the same for every wireless connection that you will be using.

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