newb - refreshing WITHOUT rebooting ... XP..?

  Bansaw 18:31 12 Feb 2010

I've got TalkTalk router which plugs directly into my laptop with a rj45 cable.

Sometimes when I come up from hibernate, the laptop will not establish an internet connection. I have to do a warm boot.

I tried "repair" and even going to CMD and typeing ipconfig /renew /refresh etc. Tried turning off/on my router, unplugging cable etc.
Doesn't do anything.

Is there anyway of re-establishing an internet connection without reboot?


  Jollyjohn 18:42 12 Feb 2010

Have a look in Device manager and see if there is a tick in the box for "allow computer to switch this off to save power" for the ethernet card / contoller.

  Bansaw 09:49 13 Feb 2010

thanks, I checked and it was on powersave so I turned it off.
But, I still have the same issue.

Any more ideas?

  T0SH 14:20 16 Feb 2010

The simple solution = turn off hibernation

Cheers HC

  Bansaw 08:19 02 Mar 2010

I figured it out: it was ZoneAlarm !!!
I don't know why but when I did a warm reboot it usually worked but when I restored from hibernation it didn't work.

I turned OFF ZoneAlarm and it worked no problem.

Now I have set an allowable IP range and it works fine.

But why ZoneAlarm has blocked it sometimes and other times not is a mystery.

Anyway, thats the answer.

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