new xp virus removal tool

  johnnyrocker 14:34 19 Jan 2005

i d/loaded this update last night but cant find it now, does it run automatically or does it need activating of some kind (if one can find it that is ;))


  Jackcoms 14:45 19 Jan 2005

It runs from the Windows Update site but does not install on your PC.

However, it leaves a log of the scan at Windows/Debug/mrt folder.

  johnnyrocker 14:49 19 Jan 2005

if that is so what did i download and install as part of the notified updates please? ( still not taken sp2 but have with all others,


  Jackcoms 14:53 19 Jan 2005

As I said in my original post, you didn't download or install anything.

Although something appeared to be downloading it was the Malicious Software Removal Tool (to give it its' correct name) running a remote scan.

Have you looked for the log it should have left behind?

  johnnyrocker 14:59 19 Jan 2005

i did a search in folders and it found nothing, i am a bit confused now.


  ventanas 15:01 19 Jan 2005

It does actually download to your machine, but disappears after a while. On mine it appeared in C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution\Download\Install, but that folder has now vanished.

I did copy it somewhere else immediately it downloaded and that file still exists and runs when double-clicked.

  Jackcoms 15:03 19 Jan 2005

We are talking about the same software, are we - the MS Malicious Software Removal Tool?

If we are, have you looked in the path I gave above?

  ACOLYTE 15:05 19 Jan 2005

My log says nothing found and the date of the scan,lol.I didnt even know i had downloaded it,lol.

  ventanas 15:05 19 Jan 2005

Should have mentioned, the file name is Windows-KB890830-ENU.exe

  Jackcoms 15:13 19 Jan 2005

ventanas is correct. The file/log does disappear after a few days. I've just checked for mine again and it's gone.

However, MS will release a new version of the tool on the first Tuesday of each month through the Windows Update site click here

  johnnyrocker 17:15 19 Jan 2005

i can find no reference to any of the files mentioned previously, i dont think a new version of the tool once a month is very preventative, i saw a post elsewhere where someone who ran the tool gave the impression it was accessible and could be run at will?


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