New Xp install on new disk - want to use old drive

  GlynH 16:56 07 Sep 2004

I'm about to install windows XP Home on a SATA drive. (I've upgraded my motherboard from an OEM computer). I still have my original IDE drive, on which is currently a working OEM XP install.

Now, I want to use my IDE drive, but until I am sure that my new install on the SATA drive is stable, I don't want to format it.

Once I'm sure XP works on the SATA, can I just install my IDE drive, take the data I want to keep off it and then reformat?


At first boot up with the IDE drive in, will the computer recognise there is an XP installation on it and throw a wobbly as there will be two XP installations?


  [DELETED] 19:00 07 Sep 2004

Not too familiar with SATA, but it is entirely possible to multiboot two (or more) copies of XP - or any other version of Winblows for that matter.

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