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  denali 20:37 01 Aug 2004

I have just installed XP Pro after what seems a lifetime with 98se, I know it had its detractors, but to me it is an excellent OS. I changed because I felt I had to go with the times.
After installing XP I was advised to check for updates. To my astonisment, I was presented with a total of 68 and also SP1 which on its own appears enormous. Do I really have to download all this stuff?. ON 98se I just picked what I wanted and left the rest. Could you please advise because I really have'nt a clue.

Many thanks

  harps1h 20:46 01 Aug 2004

you can pick what you want to download but all the critical updates are essential to stop any attacks on your system!

sp1 is the most important and MUST be downloaded first.

make sure that the xp firewall is enabled and you have a good antivirus before you start any downloads

to turn on the firewall

click on the start button,
right click on your connection tab,
go to advanced and check the box to turn on your firewall,
click apply and thats it done.

good luck


ps you dont say if you have b/b or dial up

  Legolas 20:50 01 Aug 2004

Good advice harps1h although the XP firewall is not very good I would download Zone Alarm click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:52 01 Aug 2004

the updates are available free from microsft on a cd.

  helmetshine 20:54 01 Aug 2004

I would install SP1...this should include a lot of the other critical updates showing when you go back to windows update you shouldn't have 67 least i didn't last time i reinstalled.I would also install all the other critical updates....the recommended one just look thru to see what they do and if you need there you'll probably see things like DX9 and WMP9.....i would get DX9 if you intend to play the latest games

  denali 21:06 01 Aug 2004

What an excellent bunch of people you are. I have all Norton products, Internet security,Systemworks,etc. I use the Norton built in firewall and am assuming this is all sufficient.

I will do as you all suggest and download SP1,leave it at that, and then set to automatic updates for a while. Thank you all again.

  harps1h 22:34 01 Aug 2004

i wouldn't set it at automatic as it is a pain when it downloading without your knowledge. if you must set it to inform you that new updates are available and it gives you the choice when to down load and what you want to download.

also sp1 will not give you all the downloads you need so do not rely on it solely. make sure that you download all the necessary updates.

  Stuartli 08:51 02 Aug 2004

It's surprising, if you've just installed XP Pro, that it didn't come with SP1.

  ventanas 08:57 02 Aug 2004

That's just what I was thinking. denali, how old is your XP Pro cd, and where did you get it from? I bought three retail copies over a year ago, and all came with SP1. Those bought now should include SP1a.

  temp003 09:10 02 Aug 2004

Install SP1a first. Then there should be a Update Rollup 1 click here

After that, install what remains.

It's a pity your CD doesn't have SP1 already, because you'll need to install SP2 in the near future. But you can't afford to wait until SP2 is released.

  denali 14:00 02 Aug 2004

I realize I am pretty dim in regards this XP stuff. I have followed all your advise but am still confused. I have just been to to XP site to check for downloads and the only download it said I needed was a driver for my Radeon 9000. I went to add and remove and there is a list of Micosoft products a mile long, including SP1. I have obviously misread or done something wrong. I believe, however, I am now completly up to date. Would this be correct?

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