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"First 9/11 virus discovered

By Dan Verton, Computerworld (US)
Antivirus researchers late Wednesday discovered what is being described as the first of potentially many "9/11" anniversary viruses spreading on the Internet.

While it's too early to tell what, if any, damage the new virus is causing, Eric Kwon, president and CEO of San Jose-based Hauri, the company that discovered the virus, said its impact seems to be similar to that caused by the recent outbreak of the Sobig worm, which overloaded email servers with large volumes of spam.

The 9/11 virus contains the headline "It's Near 911" or a similar variation, as well as an attachment labelled "911.jpg." Users should not open the email or the attached file.

"Like previous worm viruses, the 9/11 virus collects email lists from Microsoft Outlook in order to spread more rapidly, using the provocative headline about 9/11 to get the unsuspecting user to open the email," said Kwon. "In this case, there also appears to be an intention of causing fear, as well as a possible political motivation."

Many virus experts have been expecting an outbreak of some kind of specific 9/11 virus or worm, and this may be just the first of many to appear in the wild during the next two weeks, added Kwon.

Antivirus company Symantec also identified the virus, which it called [email protected], on its website, saying it is a "mass-mailing worm that attempts to use Microsoft Outlook to e-mail itself to all the contacts in the Windows Address Book."

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"Users should not open the email or the attached file", i was under the impression that you could open an email,IE,. read it,and that was OK.
You would not 'catch ' the virus, and that the only way to get infected was to open the attachment...


Kitz E Kat

  [DELETED] 18:22 08 Sep 2003

Note your point, though I don't know anything about this but what I have read. If you download a mail from your server like mine in incredimail it does not show until I click on it. If I don't like the look of an E-Mail I just right click and delete without anything being opened at all. I was under the same impression as you and I think this just maybe a warning to the new users about being cautious. Do you think so?

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If an AV is not pointed at the in-box then even having the preview pane open can invite nasties..

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Duly noted!!!!!
Kitz E Kat :-)

  [DELETED] 19:04 08 Sep 2003

there are two types of people, those with virus protection and those without..........

And would the ones without stop calling me with a dodgy computer as a result of opening an attachment..............twat's...
Fixed two computers in the past week neither had ANY virus protection.......

That's my rant, sorry!!!!!!!
Kitz E Kat

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