New to wireless....what would I need for following

  kleefarr 14:34 07 Jan 2004

I have a PC in one room. This uses a BB internet connection via an telephone extention lead from A phone socket in another room. I also have An xbox downstairs (want to go LIVE) and a laptop.
I have decided to go ethernet wireless.... what do I need?

Do I need a wireless adsl modem/router in room where phone socket is? A wireless game adapter for xbox? A wireless card for Pc in other room? And a wireless card for laptop?

Any help would be useful. I don't want to get the wrong stuff.


  kleefarr 10:31 08 Jan 2004

Does anybody know?

  andrew-216448 10:49 08 Jan 2004

i hope this help. i used a D-Link DSL 604+ ADSL wireless router to connect 3 laptops in our house. this was matched with the accompanying 650 wifi card. just connected to the BB and it let the other laptop see the connection. Did not bother with the WEP encryption. it is too technical for me. So far the "network" is running smoothly.

  kleefarr 13:48 08 Jan 2004

is the D-Link DSL 604+ ADSL wireless router a modem as well? The modem I use at the moment is a USB one, but I wanted to go the ethernet route as this apparently uses up less cpu etc. Would I be able to plug it straight into the phone socket?

  Lozzy 14:12 08 Jan 2004

Normally a wireless network is created this way.
PC (server) has the Internet connection. You need an Gateway Access Router to the which you connect the Internet connect to from the Broadband modem then have either a wireless card in the PC to a straight RJ45 cable from Access Router to PC. Then you need Wireless cards for any additional computers and or Laptops.

It should self configure for internet connectivity for all. If you want to network all computers then run the Network wizard remembering to keep the same Work group Name for all but have different Computer/laptop names.

Ethernet connections are best as apposed to USB.

  Lozzy 14:13 08 Jan 2004

click here as this also may help you

  kleefarr 15:55 08 Jan 2004


How do I connect my PC ethernet connection to the phone socket in the other room wirelessly?

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