New Wireless Printer Needed

  Input Overload 09:09 16 Jan 2012

After dreadful noises came from my Canon printer last night I saw the keyboard cable had been dragged into the rear paper tray & the printer is now suitable only for ornamental purposes due to the profusion of disintegrated cogs etc.

I like Canon printers but I need a wireless preferably with a scanner that can use compatible cartridges or reasonably priced OEM's. My broken Canon used separate cartridges for each colour which I found useful.

However I'm willing to look at anything although I do a fair bit of printing & some photographs so keeping costs down is important & I would prefer for this use an inkjet. It’s a while since I bought a printer so I’m a bit out of my depth at the moment.

Anyone found & or uses a printer with the above they like?


  Ian in Northampton 09:47 16 Jan 2012

The best I can say is: my lovely wife bought me an HP 3070A for my birthday in an attempt to de-clutter my desk. It's a nice piece of kit, but I find the wireless aspect a pain (it's not 100% reliable - keeps dropping offline) and even non-HP cartridges are £20+ for a set (£30 for HP ones if you shop around). I've historically used Epson kit, and liked it not least because of the huge choice of good, non-Epson cartridges available at good prices.

  anniesboy 10:03 16 Jan 2012

I purchased a Canon MG5250 about three months ago,cost £80.00. Its wireless (not for ipad), prints ,scans. Takes compatible cartridges about £20 - £25 for the set. I find it functions very well.

  Input Overload 10:15 16 Jan 2012

Ian, I live in a granite house & as the builder seemingly intended to use this place as a shelter in event of a nuclear war wireless coverage is not perfect so a HP may not be ideal, so thanks for that info.

anniesboy, the wireless aspect will be used with a couple of DELL lappy's so I'm not concerned about iPad use, so I will investigate the MG5250 further

Thanks for the reply s, appreciated.

  anniesboy 10:30 16 Jan 2012

With regard to the Canon,I should have added it was a "Which" best buy

  KRONOS the First 10:33 16 Jan 2012

I would steer clear of HP,I foolishly bought one after many years of pretty much problem free printing with Canon and Epson printers but that all changed with the HP wireless. Similar problems to Ian in Northampton and absolute rubbish customer service.

Unfortunately I cannot recommend a printer yet as until the ink runs out on the HP I won't be getting another printer. But will keep an eye on any suggestions here.

  Input Overload 10:43 16 Jan 2012

Thanks for that advice Chronus.

I've been looking on PCA reviews & the Kodak Hero 5.1 Wireless All-in-One got a good review though iI haven't ever seen let alone used a Kodak printer.

  onthelimit1 11:27 16 Jan 2012

Kodak seem to have cheaper ink than many others. For example this one

  Woolwell 11:35 16 Jan 2012

Bought an Epson SX535WD about a month ago. Quite easy to set up and so far quite pleased. Works with an ipad and mobile phone. You can buy high yield cartridges for it.

  Input Overload 12:01 16 Jan 2012

Thanks for the replies, there seems to be some good printers shown here. I'll have a look at prices now & I really need one today also.

Thanks for all the help, it's OK reading reviews but I like to see what unbiased owners think too.


  Input Overload 16:57 18 Jan 2012

In the end I bought a Kodak Hero 5.1 mainly because of the good review on PCA & also it was the only one in stock of the 3 on my shortlist locally. I needed one urgently & paid £89.99 from Argos.

I'm quite impressed with it so far, nice printer even if Kodak have filed for bankruptcy protection. Quality as good if not better than my expired Canon & no worries about having to find decent compatible cartridges.


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