new wireless network headache

  The GnoMe 22:41 03 Apr 2004

hi all having just got a router with modem and a wireless network card for my laptop, i am having a few problems.

it all works fine but i have the router downstairs plugged into my adsl line and my laptop upstairs with the wireless card in, the speed is so so slow upstairs but fine downstairs, i appreciate that this is due to the distance, how can i solve this or cant i?

also it is much faster when i am plugged directly into the router, is there a way to make the wireless side of things faster?

  The GnoMe 17:24 04 Apr 2004

i have solved the problem by putting the wireless router on the landing that way i have good coverage throughout the whole house

however, sometimes i cannot even pick up the wireless network, so i just plug the lan lead in(like now)
even though the laptop is right next to the wireless router, what causes this? in the kitchen it also picks up another wireless service not even my own!!!
can anyone offer any advice please?

  SEASHANTY 20:21 04 Apr 2004

There have been many reports on this forum suggesting that wireless is best. Your posting has
convinced me it is not. Both my PC's are direct LAN cabled to the router (Linksys BEFSR41 - non wireless) and both work fine at a fantastic speed on NTL 600k BB. Of course the 15 metre cable to upstairs causes slight inconvenience - perhaps one of these days I will disentangle it from the loops around the smoke detectors.

  agarm11 02:26 05 Apr 2004

Microwave ovens sometimes cause "interferance" on wireless networks, so that may be the other "network" that you're picking up, (if the microwave is nuking a pie at the time). Or then again, a neighbour might have a network that has coverage of your kitchen.

  Forum Editor 07:44 05 Apr 2004

restrictions as other wireless systems - walls and distance can affect them to varying degrees.

I don't think anyone has ever suggested that a wireless network is 'better' than a wired one - simply that in certain circumstances it has definite advantages. The lack of cabling gives you the freedom to use a laptop almost anywhere within the network's range - I can certainly use mine anywhere in my house, including the garden.

The fact that your laptop sometimes has a struggle even when it's very near to the router does suggest a hardware problem - possibly the laptop's network adapter not configured correctly?

In the main these networks function very well, and the technology is advancing fast. Hardware will get better and cheaper, and wireless access is very definitely here to stay.

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